Best Buy dumps HD-DVD to the side to push Blu-Ray

This thread in the AVS Forums seems to address typical Sony Marketing tactics, and the desperation of the Blu-Ray consortium. It also doesn't speak well of Best Buy's dedication to customer satisfaction.

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achira5941d ago

bla bla bla. my taunt talked me that a EB Games employeer pushed her to buy a Toshiba HDVD Player. can you stop posting such stupid senseless articles, which only purpose is to bash sony ?! ms pushes everyone to buy windows when you are buying a pc, who cares about this ??? noone, so stop spreading rumours (yes these are no facts) which has nothing to do with the ps3.

Schmitty075941d ago (Edited 5941d ago )

IF THIS IS TRUE. This is the same thing that Sony did w/ the Dreamcast. Forced retailers to put it in the back, and take down all ads for it. They probably payed a good amount of money to Best Buy. Let's see if it works.

Edit: Sorry, didn't notice this was in a forum. I will go check my Best Buy to see what is happening.

Droidbro5941d ago

and that's about goddamned it.

PS360PCROCKS5940d ago

lol Microsoft doesn't make you buy Windows...but I'd like to see your computer operate without it...their the only ones CAPABLE with enough experience to make the OS, know how long it would take another company to design an entire OS? not to mention they'd have to beat out Windows first, nice try their

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Jay da 2KBalla5941d ago

If this is true which I think it is then sony is sad.

Droidbro5941d ago

When I can buy one at walmart for 34.99 like a regular dvd player i will get one.

the_bebop5941d ago

I Didn't see this one coming, oh wait I did. Another useless topic about another useless article that that we knew would happen any way.

Droidbro5941d ago

Some one who makes some sense around here.

kingboy5941d ago

fake news ,sorry nothing interesting here

Patrick5941d ago

Lets post real articles and not made up lies on a forum. This sounds made up and probably is. I agree with #1. PRINT ARTCLES, not a users comments full of lies. I also went to Best buy this weekend and Blu-ray and HD-dvd were BOTH hooked up and both looked good. GET OFF THE LIES.

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The story is too old to be commented.