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NoBSGamers writes: "Some RPG's get a lot of great press, and while most of the ones worth the time you'll spend playing them get that attention every once and awhile a game worth playing slips through the cracks so today we will look at some RPG's that missed the hype but are still worth a look."

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Chris3994516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

I'm a huge fan of the Shadow Hearts games. Even though Nautilus (the studio who developed the game) is closed, I sincerely hope that we see another title in the series.

P.S. According to Wikipedia, the creative staff of Nautilus went on to form Feelplus! Now I know why I liked Lost Odyssey so much, and where the "ring" system in that game came from.

Baka-akaB4514d ago

Only part of it i heard , they scatterered in a few place . Which imo it only kept the ring , but none of the quality of shadow hearts .

I may seems harsh but yeah i didnt enjoy LO . I felt the story was awful and generic , hell generic is the only word that i seems to be able to associate with LO .
i'll get disagrees as usual , but the only exceptionnal thing about the game seems to have been the star cast of creators like Sakaguchi , and it's final fantasy level budget .

Anyway back to topic , i agree about Shadows hearts wholeheartly . It's easily one of the top 10 jrpg series . Even it's weakest link , the 3rd game was awesome , and only dissapointed because of two previous stellar opus .

I'd remove Dark alliance from the list and replace it with Planestscape Torment .

Then i would add Xenogears , wich got a cult status , but not nearly enough the sales it deserved .
And likewise it's parent serie Xenosaga . Xenosaga I was good though with many flaws ... the 2nd one wich many disliked improved on many things , but sadly made some step backward on others . And the 3rd one , a excellent fusion of both previous title , and removing their last flaws , was ignored because of negative opinions about the second game .

Anyway Xenosaga plays as a whole obviously , and a whole that meshes perfectly and make for an epic and great story with a good gameplay .

Finally i'd add Tactics Ogre in all its form and versions . It was overshadowed by the excellent yet much more simplified Final fantasy tactics and later even forgotten with Disgaea .

Then Front mission . After a pretty crappy 4th episode , Square didnt bother with translating the excellent Front mission V on ps2 . Thank gods it didnt stop fans from translating it .

And finally , despite the Persona craze nowadays ... Persona 2 . Only half of it was released in the us , the other only recently entirely translated again by fans . NOw that a psp remake of the first game is underway , let's stop they'll do us the favor of doing a PSP persona 2 remake (and with luck with both chapters on the same disk)

DragonWarrior465344516d ago

most underated rpg of all time is Xenogears.

Snatcher4514d ago

Terraningma on the SNES is very underrated.

Gue14514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

Who was the stupid who disagree with the guy?! ;-|
Terranigma's awesome and very underrated! Illusion of Gaia it's another very underrated but really great game.

Those 2 are good examples of how great Enix was before it got acquired by Square. Another games to add to the list of greatness are Star Ocean 1(Snes/PSP)-2(PSX/PSP), Valkyrie Profile(PSX) and E.V.O.(Snes)

BTW Everybody liked Mario RPG and the game wasn't developed by Nintendo... It was Square-Soft who made it.

ChampIDC4514d ago (Edited 4514d ago )

I really liked the Grandia series. I hardly know anyone that has played any of the games.

Gue14514d ago

I only have Grandia II and I love it! The third was a piece of crap though.

Argento-Nox4514d ago


Bubbles for you, I happen to have grandia 1,2 and 3. I also have all 3 shadow hearts games. Both titles are very underrated, both have that semi-real time attack bar that I love, especially shadow hearts with their semi-real time combo bar.

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