Can Xbox 360 achieve Media Center goals?

The recurring theme during Microsoft's pre-launch campaign for the Xbox 360 focused on the console's potential to be a complete "gaming and media system".

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NextGen24Gamer4629d ago

But I use my 360 as an extension of my media center via windows Vista...Its really unbelievable. From my 360 I can go to media center and watch tv, record tv shows and movies. It all gets stored to my PC via the internet connection. I can check the latest scores for all sports, I can view all of my pictures, videos, movies, and music stored on my pc seamlessly via my xbox 360 on my 61 inch 1080p tv. There is so much you can do with media center on the 360. Granted you have to have a computer with media center...all windows vista computers have it...but if you do...WOW...its an unbelievable value and its a reason for computer buffs, movie buffs, tech ad a 360 to your home entertainment. Then you ad in the HD dvd drive....WOW...MS definately got it right this time. My step dad is getting a 360 for those reasons and he doesn't even play video games.

sajj3164628d ago

This is what also sold my brother into getting a 360 once he saw my media center like setup (I have Win XP Home edition). Although its a tad bit more limited than having a Media Center PC, it works well. If you have high def movies ... make sure you have plenty of bandwidth at your home/office to stream it. SD (standard def) movies are fine for streaming with a standard cable/dsl wireless/wired setup.

xbox360migs4628d ago

I use the 360 as an extender a lot and I find it quick and easy to use, Even my other half can use it. It's taken over our living room more than I could have imagined when I first bought it over a year ago!

socalr64628d ago

Why will it only play Windows media files