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PoSTedUP3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Gran Turismo
shadow of collosis (dont know how popular it is...)
and twisted metal?

not too sure though...

my top sony franchises are: Gran turismo, socom, mgs4, motorstorm and killlzone. : P

BaSeBaLlKiD7213560d ago

sony doesnt own the MGS franchise so MGS4 is off the list

Aclay3560d ago

"shadow of collosis (dont know how popular it is...) "

Shadow of the Colossus wasn't exactly "popular"... it was more of a Cult hit Classic with a lot of underground fans of Team ICO's games, and it's still considered one of the best PS2 games.

Team ICO's games like SoTC aren't really all that mainstream, and not everyone can fully appreciate their games to the fullest, but Team ICO's games have been pretty groundbreaking/unique, and they've garnered so much respect and praise from the gaming industry and that's why I think they deserve to be in this list.

PoSTedUP3560d ago

oh yea that's right, forgot..

Danja3559d ago

Gran Turismo
Twisted metal

Tony P3559d ago

Good list, but I only like Team Ico's contributions. I recognize Gran Turismo as an awesome sim, but I've played two in my life and am not a fan of the genre.

I always thought GoW to be a bit overrated though a great accomplishment by Western devs. It'll probably stir some feelings, but I compare it a lot to Halo. Both popular games, but I don't think either did anything so spectacular in-game that they can be considered the "groundbreaking" successes they are by fans and critics.

But I still played and enjoyed both and I think Sony's recent newer efforts have been more in line with my personal tastes, if that matters. If they ever bring back Colony Wars, I'll probably burn my other platforms.

rockleex3559d ago

I think Motorstorm 3 should DEFNITELY have weapons!! >:D

The game's already crazy enough without weapons. Just imagine an off-road racing game with weapons and 4 player split-screen! With weapons, they could add other modes, such as "destruction mode" and other crazy stuff.

Lunatics unite! >:D

They should also allow 4 player split-screen in the campaign mode AND online.

el_bandito3559d ago

Speaking of SotC, I'm pretty excited about Team ICO's new PS3 exclusive.

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

my list is...

Gran Turismo
God of War
Ratchet and Clank

again, thats just my opinion. yours might be different...

no-spin3560d ago

Gran Turismo is major.
God of War is less general public, but GT takes all kinds and ages

Cajun Chicken3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I love the description of number 3. I still haven't played any of the Slys, but I've got a copy of the first game recently and very interested in playing because of Infamous (Doing my research). Funny how I ignored R&C for so many years and was more a Jak fanboy instead, approx three years ago, I realised that was a mistake and I hope I can sink my teeth into the Sly games as well.

I just feel we need all these mascots back again on the PS3 or gain some more platform mascots due to most of developers making new franchises (except Insomniac). Because its great and all with the PS3 and the developers having many mature titles and having grown up with the original audience, but theres one thing I think stopping the PS3 compared to the PS2 and that is those trinity of 3D platformers, that is what summed up Sony to me since the PSone.
Anyway, Eyepet is on the way (not a platformer, but a start for Sony to grab the tweens) and I hope this starts the flood of less mature titles, because I like maturity, but sometimes cartoon innocence and action is bliss and shifts units.

Aclay3560d ago

I agree.

And very similar to you, Last generation for some reason I totally ignored the Rachet and Clank franchise and I was all over every Jak and Daxter game... I just love Jak and Daxter and it's one of my all time favorite Platformers next to Crash Bandicoot, and I really want to see a Jak and Daxter PS3 game.

I remember playing the demos of the Sly games, but never bought any of them even though I enjoyed the demos, but I do plan on buying all 3 Sly games sometime this year, as well as past Rachet PS2 games.

Cajun Chicken3560d ago

I discovered Ratchet properly a year before I got my PS3, I was initially put off by Ratchet because of basically, the first game not having a strafe and seeming 'too kiddy' and 'chunky' compared to Jak. In the end I needed a new series to get into and played every single one of them over the summer and found myself addicted to the Ratchet series the summer before before I started Uni and interestingly discovered God of War shortly after. This then further fueled me to get my PS3 not only for Naughty Dog's 'Project Big' which turned out to be Uncharted and I got my ND and Ratchet fix in the same year, brilliant.

I really hope Jak is coming back on the PS3 too. Ratchet needs more allies in the child-friendly mascot army on the PS3, Sackboy is good, but he isn't quite Jak or Ratchet.
Jak would be more than perfect to come back and I at least know four people that would buy a PS3 for a new Jak, Killzone 2 may've been a system seller, but I'm pretty sure that the REAL system sellers is the stuff that Sony has already done in previous generations.
But hey, realistically, these type games are only going to appear when the PS3 is more affordable and is more aimed at a kids as well as serving the more mature owners, just like the prev two gens and like on the PS2 its still early years on the PS3, because the platformers didn't start flooding in until about the third year of the PS2. Still Eyepet could be the beginning of something and a sudden audience balance. It's not like adults can't play 'kids games'.

Freak of Nature3559d ago

I agree with you both 100%....

When you mention games like Jak,Ratchet,Sly,I get giddy.I love stylish caricature/toon based game with a "think outside of the box" mentality.Quirky and unique...

Alot out there these days are way too generic.

Now add in the next Team ICO game and Uncharted 2 and this guy is quite the happy gamer...

Ratchet_Co3559d ago

Yeah I have the Sly series and its really great. If you ever get the chance, you should defintley pick it up. One of the best plots I have seen in a platformer. I also really enjoyed Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter for the ps2. Great titles.

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jkhan3560d ago

My List
God of War
Shadow of Colossus/ICO
Gran Turismo

Aclay3560d ago

I agree with the Franchises on the list, but not so much the order... I think they should be in this order:

5. Twisted Metal
4. Gran Turismo
3. Jak, Sly, and Rachet
2. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus
1. God of War

Twisted Metal is the longest running Playstation franchise of all time, and it definantly deserves to be in the Top 5, and I'm a die-hard fan of all the Franchises on the list except for Rachet and Sly.

Some other franchises I would add: Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. Those 2 franchises were PS1 Classics from Insomniac and Naughty Dog.

swiftshot933560d ago

agreed, even though I think SotC the best game on that list. Gran Turismo is the most successful though.

Freak of Nature3559d ago

I think SOTC is a classic,but..........

I still like ICO the best.I love the whole platforming,puzle solving aspect.

In their next game I would hope/wish they go with a more action/adventure/platfoming aspect much like ICO had.Then add in "SOTC boss segments" as you go through the game.The best of both Worlds.You get both the great gameplay aspects of ICO and the incredible boss fights of SOTC in one game.....

I just cannot wait to see something,anything,they have ASAP...

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