Resident Evil 5 Versus mode price correction

Earlier we brought you news of the new online mode for Resident Evil 5 called Versus mode.

Initially the publisher announced that Versus would be available on the PlayStation Network for $3.99. Capcom has since sent out a press release correcting the PSN pricing on the post-release downloadable content for the game. It will now cost you $4.99.

Resident Evil 5 is available tomorrow for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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TheHater3723d ago

oh wow. contents that was suppose to be on the disk they are charging for? [email protected]#K you capcom. You did the same think with Street Fighter 4 and now you are doing it with RE5.

Violater3723d ago

Shouldn't the price be going towards free instead they are raising it?

JokesOnYou3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

not good Capcom, not good.

I'm still buying the game, simply cause RE4 was one of my alltime favorite games but they can keep their *DLC thats probably *already on the disc.


OGharryjoysticks3723d ago

I'll go a step further and give the finger to all you people who defend DLC overall as well. Your typical BS saying if you don't want it or don't want to buy it then don't it, is gay. If I buy a game then it's obvious I want the game and all it provides, but since DLC arrived on the scene it's been a way for publishers to avoid putting the content on the disc, or even worse, paying to unlock what's already there. DLC should be free unless it's like Little Big Planet with the Street Fighter or Metal Gear stuff because they probably have to pay Capcom and Konami. But stuff like outfits and levels and modes should be there not just in Capcom games, but everybody's games.

Yi-Long3723d ago

... I hoped it wouldnt come to this, but seeing how the industry is milking the DLC-possibilities for all it's worth, and basically scamming us, the consumers, by leaving content out of a game just so they can release it a few days later through DLC and charge extra for what should have been free... I've had enough.

I'll be modding my 360. From now on I will only buy the games and support the developers that aren't only out to scam me, and [email protected](% the rest of them greedy bastards!

I've always supported the industry, but this gen, they have really gone too far. Not JUST with the DLC (60 euro for a DualSHock3!? Really Sony? Really!? It's 26 euros in Hong Kong!)

From now on, I'll only support the developers that deserve to be supported.

badz1493723d ago

game prices is already at $60 a pop and they are planning on DLC that should've been on the disc! if a DLC is released 2-3 month after the game was released and contains extra maps for MP or something like expansion pack, it's a fan service which is actually good because that shows the dev is still supporting the game just like what Criterion is doing with BO: Paradise! what capcom is doing with SFIV and RE5 is no fan service but a fan disservice!! it's like stabbing the gamers at the back! it's obvious that they have planned this all along and decided to sell the code for versus mode separately! we all know that it's already on the disc! how else can they offer a DLC just several days after release? DAMN you capcom! I hope people open their eyes and stop supporting devs who is intentinally ripping-off gamers like this!

I was actually never going to buy RE5 because I'm not a fan and the DEMO sucks! but I was about to buy SFIV for I'm a big fan! but SCREW YOU CAPCOM, SCREW RE5, SCREW SFIV!! I won't be buying any of them!

p/s: maybe I'll just pirate them once they come to the PC later for my part of DISSERVICE to capcom!

GVON3723d ago

can't believe here charging for this,bet it's on the disk and just needs unlocking

joemayo763723d ago

i hear ya man u kno whats prob gunna make it worse is that the content IS already on the disc and we have to PAY for a key to unlock it, like the SF IV "dlc" which is strangely only 1MB for 4-5 costumes :\

solidsnakus3723d ago

wow yi long

thats messed up. if you dont like the way capcom is trying to scam you then dont buy the DLC. or dont buy the game. reguarless i doubt modding your console was something you just thought of right now. your full of shiit and you wont buy any game and wont support any devs by pirating. i mean isnt there a line to be drawn? dont worry about it bro, re5 online is going to suck bawls. no moving while shooting? i wouldnt play it even if it was free. take it into proportion here before going all crazy.

Yi-Long3722d ago

... You're wrong.

I've been a gamer all my life (I'm 32 now), and have never console-pirated. I have a 50+ games collection of Xbox 1 games, and since buying the 360 and PS3 last fall, I also have about 15-20 games for those systems, BOUGHT. Add to that a Gamecube, a Wii, a PC, a PSP and a DS, and you can see why I'm not going to support companies that screw me over with DLC, while there are still games coming out that aremore worthy of my money.

However, I'm not planning on shooting myself in the foot with my principles. Yes, I COULD boycott these games and developers completely buy not buying or playing their games, but then I'd also be missing out on some great games.
I WANT to play SF4 and Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space and Skate 2 etc etc. I'm just gonna stop supporting these companies untill they get back to their senses and stop this DLC scamming.

IF they would have just released the games properly, without the DLC-BS, I would happily fork over 50 euro for a great game. The way it is right now though, I've lost any interest to do so.

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nycredude3723d ago

As of now I am not going to buy this game cause I think the controls suck. However I would buy the game and pay for downloadable content if they if the content was a new control scheme.

TheDuke773723d ago

I'm sooo f-ing sick of being nickel and dimed to death with DLC taht should be free or already in the game at launch this generation, I am almost ready to give up videogames as a hobby. The bigger DLC is awesome, like the Fallout 3 stuff and the GTA 4 stuff, except I only have a PS3 so I cant get it anyways. yep I'm getting sick of this $h1t

El_Colombiano3723d ago

"CAPCOM CAN SUCK MY [email protected]"

Get in line! Microsoft was there first!

Snatcher3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

You GUYS DON'T NEED TO BUY THE DLC. CAPCOM IS NOT MAKING YOU TO BUY IT, IT'S YOUR CHOICE. You guys are not buying RE5, because of this? LOL.

It is just VERSUS MODE. The campaign, co-op, and mercenaries are still there when you buy the game. Jeez, are you so desperate about the versus mode? then f*cking buy it, and stop complaining.

LeGenDx3723d ago

my main complain is it should've already BEEN ON THE DISK BUT NOW THEIR MAKING YOU PAY FOR IT !.. do you see why everyone is complaining now?.. i already preordered the game so w/e

Dark General3723d ago

It's a question of ethics man. Selling off a mode that SHOULD HAVE CAME WITH THE GAME for 5 bucks more is clearly bulls**t. So what they give you a quasi choice on weather you buy it or not. Here's the real kicker the game mode and maps are already there on the f**king disc, you're just buying a "Code" to unlock the mode. That's it. Namco Bandai did the same bs with Soul Cali 4 and Ace Combat. Capcom is doing it now with SF4 and Res5. Having content blocked off from you that's on the disk that you paid $60+tax on is bullsh**.

3723d ago
poindat3723d ago

Your almost right, but not in the way you think. We don't need to buy it and we SHOULDN'T need to buy it. I'm sick, especially in this economy, of being nickeled and dimed by multimillion dollar companies. If they feel the need to do that sort of crap to stay afloat, their products probably aren't worth purchasing in the first place.

Yeah I know that's not how it really works, but I'm in a pretty sh.t mood right now and this kind of stuff does not help.

JokesOnYou3723d ago

I completely agree, honestly I don't mind paying for *extra DLC, as long as its done more so like an "expansion pack" or basicly when devs completely finish the game where the expected content is their in the full game and then later they decide to make some *extra add-on (gameplay) content that extends the life of a game. In this case it seems the VS mode is already completed, on the disc and its REASONABLE to expect it as part of the full game. $5 bucks isn't a big deal for me or probably for most people but under these circumstances its BS imo.


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heroicjanitor3723d ago

Damn this nickel and diming... It didn't exist on consoles before microsoft showed up, although it was rampant on pcs...

OGharryjoysticks3723d ago

I hear a lot of companies want to make their stuff free on Live but MS won't allow it.

dragunrising3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I think you heard wrong (give me the source and I'll believe you). Btw, Left 4 Dead DLC is free, just like on the PC. Every company will try to make a quick buck on DLC if they can. Look no further than....anyone. Name a game in which all the DLC is free. There isn't one (on consoles at least). Burnout Paradise had free DLC for a time but now all the DLC coming out is pay only.

Edit: I am not defending Capcom in the least. They pulled a Gears of War II (releasing "already made" content within a month) and I won't pay for it.

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