Mythic: The State Of Warhammer Online

Mythic's Mark Jacobs, developer of Warhammer Online, has written a "State of the Game" letter to the community on the official Warhammer site, listing the company's achievements with the game, problems they have yet to overcome and upcoming projects.

He starts off his letter by saying that the last six months have been very hectic for Mythic, but quickly goes on to say that the recent Patch 1.2 and the upcoming 1.3 will represent possibly the largest amount of new content and changes to an MMO ever over a few months, a brave claim indeed.

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Maticus4822d ago

I think the game hasn't done as well as expected, but it will pick up. Even WoW took a while to build up it's popularity.

Leord4822d ago

Not really. Its original problem was overpopulation, and the fact that the infrastructure couldn't handle how many people tried to use the service. They started out with a few million in the first year, and have just gone up up since then....

kalos4822d ago

Never skip on your tech budget, only bad things can happen

Maticus4822d ago

Well I meant more that it didn't start off with 11 million subscribers straight out of the box, I think WAR devs were expecting a million to start off easy. They have around 300k at the moment, after 6 months.

Leord4822d ago

Yeah, and as I said, EQ2 was considered "successful" back in the day with 400k. They are not doing that bad at all. Perhaps I should open my CE box...

Cogo4822d ago

Heh. With WoW around, it's really hard to see anything below a million to be successful.

Jinxstar4822d ago

I played it and the problem is how PVP centric it is and how unappreciated Order is. Just like Horde in wow and how 90% of the servers outnumber alliance by about 3/5 except in WAR the Order look even lamer... Goblin or Pope looking elf with conehead hat?....

In WoW you have a ton of PVE but this game is designed for PvP... Makes it kinda dull for either side honestly. They need a cap on how many x or y races on each server. They can't do that though... Makes it a problem because if you play as order all you towns are burned all the time and your ganged up on regularly and it gets old getting killed non stop. If your destruction then you rarely get to kill any Order because they are already all dead or hard to find... Honor gets dished out in small chunks...

I stopped playing after about a month. The game was kinda fun with the public quests and such but really it kinda got old fast...

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Leord4822d ago

I am really glad they haven't died out yet. I don't even play WoW any more, and my WAR CE box stands unopened at home... Just don't have time, but I wouldn't mind if they DID become a good competitor against WoW...

Maticus4822d ago

Indeed, competition is always good. Especially for a massive game like WoW. Only good things cam come from it.

Leord4822d ago

Yeah, I agree completely. Having said that, Mythic were major pricks before the launch saying they would kick wow's ass and all that. There is a certain satisfaction that they didn't, and have to eat their words.

Maticus4822d ago

Yeah that's why I can't help feeling slightly smug, as a WoW player.

Cogo4822d ago

Yeah, their CEO or whoever it was tended to sound very smug, but I just ignored that, since it was very unlikely they would really beat WoW...

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Dorjan4822d ago

It is odd that there is no mention of why they did it to their fans...

Leord4822d ago

"it" being the closing of 40 servers?

Dorjan4822d ago

Yeah, sorry. After reading the article it was the last thing mentioned. I forgot to mention that though!

thetamer4822d ago

Let's hope it does the trick. It's always hard with patches

Fyzzu4822d ago

This content will hopefully assuage a few fears about WAR. It's not exactly unheard of for MMOs to close servers after the honeymoon period, when a lot of the players who just signed up to check it out head off. I reckon it's doing okay.

Leord4822d ago

People tend to forget that before WoW, EQ/EQ2 was considered to be "successful", with some 400k subscribers. If WAR keeps a few hundred thousand, they have potential to grow a lot over the next few years. It IS built on a more modern engine that WoW to start with...

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