Top Five MMOs We Miss the Most

In a perfect world, the mmos that people love to play would last forever, but that is seldom the case. It seems that the games gamers care about the most and pour their hearts into are the ones that eventually find themselves being shut down. To remember those games that have gone to the digital realm in the sky, MMO-Play offered a list of the top five mmos we miss the most.

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Saryk3292d ago

Loved Tabula Rasa and City of Heroes!


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rippermcrip160d ago

Ah yes, genius journalists. This game is the best and worst ever!!!

porkChop160d ago

The only MMO I really enjoyed. I remember I let my brother play for a bit and when I came back I had a prosthetic arm somehow.

jznrpg160d ago

EverQuest was the best MMO imo. But the end game was only for the ultra hardcore and the timing of the release just happened to be right for me . No way I could put in that amount of time into a game these days.
I tried World or Warcraft but it was a super easy casuals game compared to Everquest and gave up on it the first 6 months. I kept playing EQ but had kids and such so it was time to move on but I have friends that play it still to this day.

GhostTurtle160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

EQ, FFXI, SWG, those were the big 3 imo by the time WoW showed up. All 3 were fantastic and will never be replicated.

I agree with the time commitment. No way I could personally do it now....simpler times....