Top Five Capcom Video Game Franchises

For a third-party multiplatform publisher and developer, Capcom has enough popular franchises to create their very own video game system.

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fishd5192d ago

For me,as much as I enjoyed classics like RE series,Dino Crisis series,Dmc series,etc etc,I think Okami is the best game Capcom has ever produced,unfortunately it bombed,the team is gone and there won't be any sequel

swiftshot935192d ago

its not their fault. Capcom completely ditched them. They are now known as platinum games (making mad world, bayonetta etc..). Sega owns them now. And I agree that Okami is probably in my top 3 capcom games. Next to RE2 and RE4 of of course.

frayer5192d ago

Sega doesn't own Platnium Games.

swiftshot935192d ago

and the best capcom characters are Leon Kennedy and Albert Wesker. Dont dispute the facts.

frayer5192d ago

Megaman is the only franchise I like from Capcom. Hopefully, they make a new one soon.

mralexander5192d ago

i can understand how resident evil, street fighter, and megaman may be in their top franchises but i don't understand how devil may cry and phoenix wright could be included and not monster hunter. obviously an article written based on opinion and not facts.