First screenshots of Sackboy in Hot Shots Golf surface

LittleBigPlanetoid writes: "The first screenshots of the rumoured Sackboy DLC content that is coming to Hot Shots / Everybody's Golf have hit the web. Suffice to say, Sackboy looks freaking awesome!

This could be a reason to actually get Hot Shots / Everybody's Golf if you have not already…

This DLC pack with Sackboy is available in Japan from tomorrow. We'll post news of release dates in Europe and North America when we hear of them…"

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Jager4820d ago

lmao... wonder if it will allow you to make Facial expressions for the Sackboy like LBP.

Super-Brad4820d ago

thats soo cool :).

Play my LBP levels PSN: Super--brad

Grodd4820d ago

This game keeps giving. I can't wait. Hopefully it will hit the US soon and not delay this two or three months.

sennasnit4820d ago

It's out today Europe, US and Japan!