New Fatal Inertia Screenshots

Some new screenhots of Fatal Inertia.

TheMART6538d ago

Can anyone tell me, this compared to last gen console titles it doesn't look anything better.
Could easily be a PS2 game if you ask me

achira6538d ago

there are many games on the xbox360 which you can compare with games from the N64 (graphicaly). so what is you point. not every game will have great graphics. although this game looks nice. but the important factor of this game is not graphic, it is gameplay.

Alexander6537d ago

"there are many games on the xbox360 which you can compare with games from the N64 (graphicaly)."

And then a list of titles not in the arcade?

Dazzboi3606537d ago

are you on crack?! "xbox 360 games compared to N64 graphically" Man you are very stupid.

no_more_heroes6537d ago

This game looked bad last year and looks even worse this year! Hopefully it looks MUCH better when it comes out cause to be fair, screenshots of any game don't do the game justice, especially these next-gen games.


Limbo, Inertia! win 2011 Indie Game Challenge at DICE

Limbo and Xbox Indie title Inertia! have won the second annual Indie Game Challenge at DICE. Sponsored by The Guildhall at SMU, GameStop and the AIAS, the winners will each receive $100,000 and an EEDAR DesignMetrics title research assessment valued at $15,000.

Limbo, which we felt was one of the best games of 2010, took the grand prize in the "professional" category, along with another prize of $2,500 for achievement in art direction


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Dark Zero Review: Fatal Inertia EX

Dark Zero writes: "Fatal Inertia EX is the PlayStation 3 release of the year-old Xbox 360 game Fatal Inertia and is available now as a download from the PlayStation Store, for a fee of course.
Set in a futuristic world where mega-corporations control everything from government to entertainment, Fatal Inertia has become the most popular, and dangerous, pastime. The best drivers race in cars that hover over all types of ground, from molten lava to coastal inlets.

Sounds exciting doesn't it? Unfortunately, in the early stages of the game it isn't. I know that the earlier levels are supposed to be easy for beginners to grasp the controls, but in my eyes they were just uneventful, boring and didn't make me thrilled about playing on. Fortunately I did, otherwise this would be a very short review, and by the time you get halfway through the 'Professional League' it gets a bit trickier and somewhat more enjoyable. The tracks are short which means that the races are quick and if you get stuck in the crowd with the rest of the racers, it can get very chaotic, which is where the races get interesting. A side effect of the tracks being fairly short, sometimes the race is over before you know it and suddenly you're in second when you thought you could overtake the guy in front on the next corner to take home a win which gets a bit annoying.
The races are based on six different areas with all the course"

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