GDC 2007: Understanding Emotions

FIFA 07's ability to tell a story every 90 minutes.

Storytelling in action or adventure games is commonplace, but what about sports simulation titles? Seems difficult as the action is completely different every time-but that hasn't stopped the makers of FIFA 07 on current-gen, who took on the challenge. They discussed what they learned at GDC's "Understanding Emotions in FIFA 07: Telling a Different Story Every 90 Minutes."

Sebastian Enrique, a software engineer at EA Canada, talked about how casual and hardcore fans may approach the playing or watching of a soccer match differently, but the rollercoaster they ride during the game's ups and downs are identical. An Argentinean supporter, Enrique said, "Goals are when things change [emotionally], regardless of what's happened before." That means the sheer dominance by one team can lift the spirit of the crowd and the team, but it can be completely undone if their opponent scores a shock goal.

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