PlayStation 3 GDC 07 Physics HD Demo

shows the power of the ps3 physics

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Siesser4637d ago

And I remain ever unimpressed by number-crunching demos.

On the plus side, how many people here watched "Home Movies?" If you did, then you know why I was laughing during that entire video.

Siesser4637d ago

Just to clarify, floating triangles and vertices and shaders and stuff just don't MEAN much to me. I'm sure the above may be some great technical achievement, but not one that I can appreciate (not as in don't care, but as in just doesn't mean anything). Fluid dynamics stuff I can kind of grasp the significance of, but other than that, pointing out how many triangles or cubes or lit, self-shadowing faces just doesn't make an impact to me; I'm far more on the consumer end than the developer end.

marionz4637d ago

sony are verry good at showing demos of things their consoles never quite manage to achieve, t-rex sting ray or duckies anyone? let the games do the talking sony cos not many people belive the hype anymore

sak5004637d ago (Edited 4637d ago )

will this be available in 1080p for download on the PSN? I mean i've only seen this sort of thing done once before on my 32bit amiga500 way back in early 90s.

BBsin4637d ago

How long has the PS3 been out??? 4-5 months??? and you expect developers to fully utilize tools and programs JUST recently written and use them for games ??? you got to be kidding talk as if it's very easy to implement programs based of a new processor to it's full potential right off the bat. Hype is potential, it takes time to fill that. People like you are the same people that bashed sony when the PS2 first came out and went into hiding when they finally started to release good games. Hows about that Madden clip EA showed using the awesome powers of the 360 during the MTV sepcial?? If you are going to put the PS3 in it's coffin or bash sony without even letting the developers have ONE year to progress and utilize the technology then that shows that you are clearly a lowly fanboy.

P.S. this is offa the GDC.... if you don't know the the GDC is by now let me explain to you the basics of this conference.
Game Developers/progammers get together for a conference and share/showcase tools,demos,technology and programs that is used for consoles and games. By doing this, developers may be interested and use that technology to make games with... this isn't E3 or TGS, this conference was created for developers and personel of the game making industry.

and there are still ALOT of people still believing the hype, look at europe.

InMyOpinion4637d ago

"At the same time we have this running, we can have other things like cloth simulation and fluids"

Then, why don't they have it in the tech demo?

I'd love to play that game with the cubes, looked like a lot of fun...

DJ4637d ago

Since I actually do this stuff, I'm just gonna let you guys know that rigid body simulations on this scale in realtime are VERY impressive. With that many objects, it's not farfetched to spend 30 seconds to 1 minute per frame every time an animator calculates a scene. Doesn't sound like much until you realize that animations run at 30 frames per second, so that's a whole lot of waiting..

Fluid Dynamics take even longer on traditional CPUs.

ChickeyCantor4637d ago

the reason i dont take this video that serious is because all of the falling blocks are primitive cubes, they should show 20+ collapsing buildings and stuff like that.

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The story is too old to be commented.