'Stranglehold' Possibly Getting Movie, Sequel Starts as Game?

Reportedly, two Hollywood writer types are working on a script for the film adaptation to John Woo Presents Stranglehold, which was a sequel to John Woo's Hard Boiled. Full circle, man. Now Hollywood is trying sequels out as games before they make them.

Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio are currently writing the script (or "penning" it as the Hollywood Reporter likes to call the practice), but there isn't any news of casting. Nor is there any whether Chow Yun-Fat will even be a part of the film based on a game that is a sequel to a film.

Now if only someone will make a movie of Peter Jackson Presents King Kong: The Movie: The Game. It would be Peter Jackson Presents King Kong: The Movie: The Game: The Movie. Awesome.

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Cajun Chicken3535d ago

Pretty cool, that reminds me, I need to finish Stranglehold at some point, pretty good game though.

Danja3535d ago

well the game was actually pretty decent....wouldn't mind a sequel at all..dunno about the movie though unless the director of the game will also be directing the movie

thereapersson3535d ago

Isn't Stranglehold based off the movie "Hard Boiled"? Or is it just a coincidence that they both include Chow Yun Fat and are directed by John Woo?