HardGame2 reviews Resident Evil 5 - 8/10

Hardgame2 writes: "At the end, Resident Evil 5 is a great action game, but I can only regret that that he would have sat on have explored some ways more as a deeper cooperative, more scenarios to explore, some more complex puzzles or some highlights best advantage. Still, I think that as an action is really good, and fails to achieve better note as explained in detail in the article."

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Batusai4009d ago

RE5 is like Devil May Cry 4. A good game but not the great, great game that some media try to sell us. RE5 is a game of 8 about 10. And no more.

Great review.

gamersden4009d ago

It is a good game but nothing revolutionary or spectacular

chidori6664009d ago

agree totaly than review..... r5 is much repetitive.