Improving Killzone 2's multiplayer

Destructoid writes:"As if you couldn't have already guessed from our 9.5 review, I have become a huge fan of Killzone 2. While the single player campaign was decent, the multiplayer has been an absolute blast and one of the most addictive online experiences I've had since I discovered pornography."

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Dom63904002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Seriously C4 is insane when you know how to use it and can seriously help with all the objectives, its so rewarding when you get C4 kills and also an air support in the right place can give 5 kills in a round easy just keep replacing it when it dies.

rroded4002d ago

"Also, if they're supposed to be a distraction, WHY does the secondary Tactician badge demand you get five kills in one match with it, EIGHT times in a row? I have used Air Support in a lot of matches, and the most damage I've managed to do is about two kills. I haven't even earned one ribbon, let alone eight, and this is an incredibly common complaint. Guerrilla, please don't design something that's not intended to kill players, and then demand that we kill players with it. "

been trying forever to unlock it so i can use boost with my tac that n i wanna try it with my scout something bout an invisible sniper with air support to draw out n spot ur targets makes me tingle lol.

cant say i condone padding but if anyone wants to hook up for some erm ribbon swaping let me know lol.

yaboi4002d ago

c4 is pretty sick. i love to set up traps with it and wait then PPOOOOWW!!! i get like 2 kills off of it

rockleex4000d ago

"That kind of bait-and-switch attitude is what leads to high school rape, and nobody likes high school rape. Except high school rapists, obviously."

devin_v4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I am trying to figure out how to talk with my bluetooth head set when playing kill zone 2 on my PS3 because I am unable to, it works with any other game that I play, just not this one, I can hear everyone just cant talk. Can anyone possibly tell me why my controls for it aren't letting me speak to the other players??

platanero1884002d ago

wait when u use it on the screen does it show like a little thing or sumtin showing you that you're talking?

piam454002d ago

best game since cod 4 if not better!! u feel a bit more in control of the game and can influence wats goin on around u with a sentry turret or as some one else mentioned c4.... a well deserved 9.5

clintos594002d ago

but for killzone 2 i like it the way it is. The game is amazing and online multiplayer is the best out there right now. Next killzone add co-op online and its a complete package of awesomeness. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.