Resident Evil 5 - Can we even call them zombies any more? (possible spoilers)

From "In recent times, we've been challenged to accept different things from a Resident Evil zombie. They can now carry and fire weapons, it would seem. They can also ride motorbikes and drive trucks. They even exist as social tribes, occupying their own village.

We're just about cool with this. We understand the need for variation, and that game-after-game of limping, groaning zombies is going to get a tad stale.

What's shown in this video, however, is just getting silly. Taken from chapter 5-2, these 'zombies' are dressed in military garb and function as guards and soldiers. They can fire laser-sighted weapons and throw flash grenades. The gameplay result: an experience less like survival horror and more like some average, identikit cover-and-shoot third-person shooter."

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farhsa20084000d ago

i prefer the ones from RE4, RE5 might have taken it a little too far but the ganados were really smart but you could still kill them pretty easy.

ThanatosDMC4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Wow, this video has zombies with guns?!!! WTF?! Hmm... where else can we put our money?

Also, for someone who's supposedly super trained and has a bigger physique this time around... he cant shoot for $hit! I'm not talking about the player that's aiming but Chris himself. He should be able to take it that recoil just fine.

Also, what's the deal with the damage? He took a burst of those bullets and he took a tiny bit of damage?! Also, it's only one shot out of all those sprays.

ChampIDC4000d ago

I think I figured out why he takes no damage. Rubber bullets! The parasites made the people forget which bullets actually do damage apparently.

solidsnakus4000d ago

i prefer the zombies from RE3. the ones all coverd in blood and making all those scary sounding moans.

Hellsvacancy4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Zombies with weapons that melt on the floof after u kill them gimme a break THATS wots put me off Res5 - i didnt play Res4 so i cant comment

I loved the 1st 3 games i didnt mind Code Veronica but i really dont like the direction the Resident Evil series is goin

Just my opinion i know many others are really excited for Res5

PrimordialSoupBase4000d ago

Those last levels play like a retarded Gears of War. This game is awful.

badz1494000d ago

zombies with gun? last time I checked, you don't have to be a zombie in order for you to have a gun and shoot somebody! the only element of the true RE left in RE5 is the fact that the villagers are infected with a virus and the control! other than that, RE5 is definitely NOT a horror game anymore! that is just lame, capcom!!

andron4000d ago

Capcom wanted to up the action and they needed more versatile enemies than the old shuffling zombies.

In both RE4&5 people get infected with Las Plagas virus. There is a different strain at work in the two games, where RE5 Majini are more high functioning than the ones in RE4.


interrergator4000d ago

i think its another virus at work here maybe plagus and t virus merged together but who knows all thoses questions only wesker can answer

Hellsvacancy4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Like i said i never played Res4 but i hav all the others

The demo wasnt entirely bad i just didnt like the idea of sum african (or who-ever) chasin me down the road with a set garden shears thats wot i didnt like bout Land Of The Dead and im a massive Romero fan

So would u recommend Res4 i take it Res5 continues from that

Oh and a bubble 4 u

andron4000d ago

RE4 is one of my favorite games so I can recommend it. I have completed it several times on both Gamecube and PS2. Haven't tried the Wii version, but it's also good.

Hopefully RE5s story will give some more answers to the connection between the T-virus and Las Plagas, and what happened to the Umbrella corporation and so on...

sam22364000d ago

Why do people keep calling them zombies? Habit, maybe?

IMO, they should be called 'Parasites' or 'Infected' or something.

ChampIDC4000d ago

Yeah, I zombies hasn't been the word since before RE4. +bubs

rockleehong4000d ago

I don't called them "zombie" since Resident Evil 4/Biohazard 4

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