PS3 Firmware 2.70 Out Sometime This Month?

Psyonix Developers Psyonix-Corey and Psyonix-Jerad posted the following in the SARBPC forum in a thread about a PSN Sign-out Bug.

Psyonix-Corey wrote: "Sony mentioned a bug they fixed with the next system software update (2.7.0) that might resolve these issues, but we have to narrow it down and verify it's the same problem to be sure it's that and not something we need to fix on our end"

Psyonix-Jerad wrote: "IIRC it will drop later this month. And contain lots of fun new fixes. I'm excited about this one, lots of new stuff. :)

Though, I dont think I can mention any of them just yet."


The article has been edited, it now contains only 10 posts (it was 15 before) and the comment by Psyonix-Jerad has been removed along with all associated posts to do with his post but no reason has been given for the removal

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pwnsause4009d ago

well Sony hasnt replyed about the 2.7 and turned them down since it came to fruition about a month ago, maybe its true that its going have lots of neat stuff. Im excited.

jamesrocks31474009d ago

the rumours of in game chat and 30 second voice clip sending are true some fixes and ajustments are nessary to. like the clock over the battery sign in game awwwh come on sony make this update have what PSN has needed for a long time!!!!

Panthers4009d ago

if they are true then hell yea

ThanatosDMC4009d ago

One thing i want next to the clock is an envelope symbol if anyone messaged me. People message me all the time and sometimes i miss it because i am not notified.

SCThor4009d ago

Exactly, I want that envelope icon too.

Cicinho4009d ago

How many times was 2.5 coming? What about home, it was coming "this month" for about 2 years. I will believe it when my ps3 pops up to tell me to update.

dantesparda4009d ago

Its cross game chat. The ability to talk to other people while youse are playing different games. "in-game chat" is something that is in most PSN enabled games.

evilmonkey5014009d ago

That is such a great idea! I have a buddy that I can pass that on to...
I get frustrated about the lack of alert as well...I have notifications turned off because I have a lot of friends....and they always ruin it when I'm watching a that envelope idea is the best thing to come out of this site.

TrueStoryGuy4009d ago

"Article has been edited"

Take that in as you will. I think it was "Holy Christ, I was drunk. I think I need to delete that one."

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ape0074009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

if this "2.7" is the 2.7 we heared about,then psn will get a big 1-up

sony is on a fast pace,resi5 space,warhawk,kz2

go sony go

Ghoul4009d ago


sonys pace at improving a free online server and a free 3d community is incredible, actually i tink people from al camps should start recognising this topnotch customer support.

boodybandit4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

one thing Sony does not get enough credit for is this is all out of their own pockets. They have built and are continuing to upgrade PSN at a loss to appease their user base.

This is one area that rarely gets mentioned on N4G when comparing PSN and XBL. MS initially had to spend a great deal to get XBL up and running but they probably broke even with in the 1st year or 2. Now it is a huge cash cow for them.

Any upgrades you get on XBL the consumer has more than paid for and deserve.

Any upgrades you get on PSN Sony pays for and is just a bonus for being a PS3 consumer.

All I want from Sony is private/cross chat while in game. It is cool to chat with a friend while playing different games or if you are online in the same game but don't want to deal with the general public.

ShadowRyuX4009d ago

A universal party system, I never thought it to be that big of a deal but it may make finding games with my buddy easier. Maybe at least have GG patch in a party system! Regardless I am very happy to see the improvements made thus far.

edhe4008d ago

It's not so much customer support as necessity.

Sony need to beat out xbl as fast as possible to get the edge. If they chose nintendo's route instead of this one then they'd be dead.

'course xbl is still evolving.

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Handsome_Devil4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

I hope it have some new features in it :D not just fixes.

off topic :

I have their game and its Hell a lot of fun :D

I always play it with my little brothers, its really fun

I'm gonna go ahead and play it all over again when I get back Home.

kharma454009d ago

I'll just be waiting for the inevitable "2.7 bricked my PS3" threads in the PS forums lol

-EvoAnubis-4009d ago

It's as inevitable as the moon following the sun. People will say it happened regardless of whether they own a PS3 or not.

ape0074009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

"contain lots of fun new fixes"


"I'm excited about this one, lots of new stuff. :)"

so,fixes and new stuff

can't wait :) :)

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