fl0w top selling Network game; no sequel planned

With 110,000 downloads and counting, fl0w has managed to be the top selling PlayStation Store game so far. thatgamecompany wanted to create a new kind of game that broke through traditional conventions: considering its success so far, it appears that the experiment is working.

Jenova Chen and the rest of the team don't plan on being content on the incredible success of their downloadable title. The team revealed at GDC that they are working on a new title, one which is guaranteed not to be a sequel to fl0w.

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techie4635d ago

Over Tekken 5!? Wow..

FordGTGuy4635d ago

But on the XBLM 110k downloads is nothing.

techie4635d ago

Well of course...but there are only 500,000 people signed up in the 110,000 is quite a percentage. It's a little bit idiotic to compare numbers with xbl when there's 6million signed on there and ps3 hasn't even sold 6million duh.

kingboy4635d ago

you always bring up the xbox on every ps3 thread don`t you? jeez!

FordGTGuy4635d ago

of the two online networks you could always just ignore me or not read my comments.

fury4635d ago

...between Live and PSN is pretty dumb cuz Live has 6 signed Members and PSN has nowhere near as much.

AllroundGamer4635d ago

nice, i will download it too when i get a PS3 (hopefully this march... EU)

PS360WII4635d ago

between the 360 download games and the PS3 download games is that PS3 accually makes them for the system and is bringing something new to the table while the 360 just tries to be a bad VC. 360 may get more downloads but PS3 owners get quaility download titles. Hate to start a war but this is o so true.

FordGTGuy4634d ago

Assault Heroes, Geo Wars, Bankshot Billiards 2, Alien Hominid HD, Cloning Clyde, Worms, Feeding Frenzy, Heavy Weapon, Lumines Live, Marble Blast Ultra, Roboblitz, Small Arms, Totem Ball, and UNO are just some of the most popular games on XBLA and note that every game I mentioned are original games and aren't all the original games being made on the system. All the games on the XBLA are made for the Xbox 360 since they have been remade in HD with enhanced graphics and online play.

PS360WII4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

a bad VC, or at least they(360 arcade) is not offering what PS3 has started with and is nothing like what the Wii is giving us Thanks for the reply though ^^ But Alien Hominid was cool thumbs up deffinatly for that. Start in the right direction

Bathyj4635d ago

I love that Sony are releasing original games for PSN. Hopefully we'll see classic arcade games as well but this is a good thing for smaller devs looking to get their feet wet. The low risk environment means devs can try some really different ideas rather than just stuff they know sells. This could be how the next big idea comes out. Its this sort of creativity that can lead to ideas like LittleBigPlanet, you know that game I keep raving about.

Cant wait to see what their next game is, as well as Calling all Cars.

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