The Best Games to Relieve Stress

After a long day of work, school, or what have you, most likely you're ready to kick back, relax and play some games. But the question is, what game should you play to help you release your stress? Here are 9 games that are perfect for stress relief.

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shay1592856d ago

Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball....amirite?

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Agent20092856d ago

Actually, you could call any game that you personally enjoy as "relaxing" and "stress-relieving".

fuse242856d ago

That's true, it is subjective to whatever one believes is relaxing, but speaking generally these games are seen as relaxing.

ScottyHoss2854d ago

True story, friend of mine gets wasted and plays FPS like CoD or BF while blasting tiptoe through the tulips, and it relieves his stress... I think I should find new friends

700p2856d ago

Playing a game like elder scrolls or fallout relieves my stress :)

SP4CE_C4PT4IN2856d ago

I have yet to play Flow, Flower or Journey. I've only heard good things about them. Guess I'll have to try 'em out one day.

I can see how GTA is a stress reliever as you can just go around doing mundane things. All in the name of fun of course.