A Skeptic's Guide To Controls In Killzone 2

Loading Reality presents how one skeptical blogger found himself enjoying Killzone 2 after a much needed controller tweak.

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josephat843999d ago

Why in the heck did the developers set the standard default control configuration to SUCK!? ALT 2 is truly the best way to play it! It's a completely different experience! Now, I love the game.

TheFreak3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Nah I like the default controls. Takes a couple of hours to get used to and then they are heaven.

Played trough the campaign 2 times now. One time on Elite, man that is craaazy difficult.

goflyakite3999d ago

It doesn't really matter, there is a ton of different control settings so everyone should be happy.

ThanatosDMC3999d ago

Alternate 2 for me... but why are people *itching so much about the controls of this game? They didnt make this much fuss on RE5, in fact... it's getting hyped up even more now. Controls are fine... i still havent seen any flaws in the game.

Multiplayer is just perfect. Single player is so sexy. Controls are solid. In-game cutscenes from this game is like CGI cinematics for a ton of games.

cLiCK_sLiCK93999d ago

ALT 2 is the best imo.

Man.... i need some rest. I played Killzone multiplayer, 8 hours strait. Drained both of my controllers power. Now i have to wait. lol.

Add me.
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thereapersson3999d ago

And I love them. Sure, they take some getting used to (mostly the aiming acceleration), but when you think about it, they actually really work.

There's an aim toggle and a sprint toggle; It's nice you don't have to keep the button held down to sprint / aim.

mt3999d ago

for alt2 it is hard to crouch and aim at the same time .
is it for you ?

hay3999d ago

Default for me, works like a charm.

agentace3999d ago

....there basicly the same a COD but the meele and aim are switched



i not quite sure i agree with what you said about res5... i mean most of the articles i have read its been full of people complaining about the controls.

in fact i am not buying the game because i hate the controls ( not just tht there are other things i don't like.

ThanatosDMC3999d ago

I'm gonna keep complaining about the control. After playing Dead Space and enjoyed it, you'd complain too.

BUT, it wont stop me from buying two copies of Resident Evil 5. One for my girl and one for me.

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cmrbe3999d ago

I don't understand at all why people are having issues with it.

ThatOneGuyThere3999d ago

although i think a lot of people are complaining because they have spent the past year playing COD4 and no other shooter. So they have a form of control tunnel vision. i personally play every game using its default controls.


The update fixed the controls for me. He says it's a placebo effect. I know for sure it isn't. The old controls were more sluggish and uncomfortable. I played 5 hours and took a break. I downloaded the patch without knowing what it was but the controls felt more natural and responsive to me.

Unicron3999d ago

Indeed. The deadzone has all but been eliminated. There is a definite change.

ThatOneGuyThere3999d ago

the "lag" most people thought they were getting was the deadzone. i mean, the change was noticeable, but didnt really change anything for me, which is good because i really like the way the game controls.

Dark General3999d ago

I didn't notice a change at all in how the controls work. I personally have it set to standard 2 (crouch and shoot L2 and R2) and it works perfectly for me.

Ju3999d ago

Same for me. I can't tell the game has changed in regards to the controls. Plays the same as before.

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Apocalyptica3999d ago

GG shouldn't of listened to the scrubs and left them the way there were.

ThatOneGuyThere3999d ago

they didnt really change it all that much, its hardly noticeable.

dragonyght3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

ppl still on that

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