Ve3tro: Ninja Blade Preview

On March 9th Japan's From Software is going to unleash the demo for Ninja Blade onto the Xbox Live marketplace. We here at Ve3tro were in on a sneak peak of the release.

In the near future, an infestation known as the Alpha Worm has struck Tokyo turning anything within its reach into a blood thirsty monster. You play the role of Ken, a member of an elite ninja unit seeking to keep the infestation from spreading. Ninja Blade from art style to its fast paced action is very much in the same vein as the Ninja Gaiden series. The twist in Ninja Blade compared to other similar titles is the interactive cut scenes where context sensitive cues allow you to be apart of the story rather than simply watching another dull cut scene.

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Rhezin3997d ago

this game is A F!CKING FAILUREEEEEEEE. Trying to clone one of the greatest sword slashers of all time, Ninja Gaiden 1+2.