GamingBits: Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Review

Positives, Neutrals and Negatives Summary:
[+] Some of the best games from the SEGA Genesis era.
[+] Way better value than Wii's Virtual Console releases. About .60 cents a game!
[+] Quick load times and easy save functionality.
[ / ] Why wasn't it called "SEGA's Ultimate Genesis Collection"?
[ - ] "Enhanced" HD smoothing causes too much blurring, especially around text. Leave it on the crisp default pixel mode.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection is a sweet piece of SEGA's 16-bit Genesis history. If you were too young for that era in gaming, this is a good schooling of how games played during the '90s. Timing was critical, music was minimal (CDs were just starting to be used in that time), and gameplay had to be simple and engaging. Most of these games can be picked up without a glance of the manual. The included game manual itself is slim and black & white and doesn't feature all the games, but you can download a PDF of the games online. For those of you who lived that era of gaming, fond memories will come back as you hear the raspy voice sampling in Golden Axe and catchy soundtracks as in Shinobi. You can hear the techno influences in games like Streets of Rage. It's a little time capsule to the golden 2D era of gaming, and the jagged beginning of the 3D one...

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soxfan20053999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Even though the Genesis eventually lost the 16-bit era to the SNES, it is quite clear that the 1989-1996 timeframe was just a battle, and Sega has undoubetdly gone on to win the war. The Genesis had many AMAZING games, and this collection is just a small sample. You could easily fill 2 more collections with high quality Genesis games that are not included on this or other collections. For Example, Sega's Disney games were all top-notch, although they will probably never be released again because it is doubtful that Sega still owns the rights to them.

The simple fact that this collection not only was released, but has been a top seller for both PS3 and 360 speaks volumes about the greatness of the Sega Genesis. Plus, there have already been Genesis collections made for PS2, PSP, Gamecube, Xbox, and Gameboy Advance, not to mention Wii Virtual Console and Xbox live arcade. Sega's 16-bit games have stood the test of time, while most other 16-bit games have faded into obscurity. The games still look good, even by today's standards, and still play extremely well. The Sega Genesis was truly the pinnacle of 2D gaming.