WTP Review: Major League Baseball 2K9

Major League Baseball 2K9 is a simulation-style baseball game released in time for the 2009 MLB season, and has been redesigned (over last year's game) to overhaul some of the recurring complaints with Major League Baseball 2K8.

All of the major play controls – batting, pitching, and fielding – are handled with the analog sticks of the controller. When batting, players use the right stick as the "swing stick," pulling back on the stick as the pitch approaches and pushing forward to make contact with the ball. Last year's analog pitching interface has been simplified greatly this year, though the same core concept is retained: a list of available pitch types is listed on the screen, and players must mimic the movement with the right analog stick to throw the pitch (such as pulling down and then curving along the right edge towards the top). And when fielding, players point the analog stick towards their intended base (right to first, up to second, left to third, and down to home) and attempt to release the stick when an on-screen meter is in the green area for the most accurate throw.

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