GamingTrend Review: Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon

GamingTrend writes: "What began as a novelty crystalized into something genuinely special with the second game in the series. Destroy All Humans 2 remains in my ever-revolving Top 10 list of games ever because it brought an epic amount of funny to the genre while also featuring missions that were inventive, clever, and brilliantly spoofed the 1960s. Compare that to the epic fail of Path of the Furon and we see clearly what happens when you take development from the big leagues and send it on to the farm team.

Destroy All Humans is dead and Path of the Furon put the final nail in the coffin. Rest in peace Crypto."

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Cajun Chicken4004d ago

This type of damage is irreversible for a franchise. Still I had my doubts since Pandemic left. Another case of original developer left franchise, franchise goes downhill.

Major_Tom4004d ago

Used to be an amazing franchise, the last true one against the KGB agents was really fun. Sad to see this go the NFS route.

Lucreto4004d ago

Yes Pandemic games were good and DAH 2 was the best version and I will have to play it again. I played it for the humor and it delivered.

Lucreto4004d ago

I bought the game on the PS3. The graphics are not the best but graphics are not everything.

The humor is still there and pop culture references kept me amused.

Crypto body snatching a Jack Nicholson look-a-like and destroying a Scientologist like cult was funny.

Cajun Chicken4004d ago

I was tempted for this and to take a risk and got Matt Hazzard instead. Matt Hazzard is pretty damned funny.
Might still get this for PS3 if its more of the same, just a little worrying the developer for this one has already been shutdown. I'll probably pick it up on the cheap later on.

I hope EA pick up the license for DAH! so Pandemic can work on it again, if THQ ever sell it, or just let Voliton make it.

Lucreto4004d ago

It is still worth a play. Rent it first and see. They get it cheap. I played Lair and Haze so I have a low standard of games especially DAH.

I hope THQ will sell it and EA buy it as well.