Xbox & Fall Out Boy - "How to make friends but not sell Lips to people"

OXCGN describes a recent Microsoft event before having some harsh words to say about Microsoft's marketing campaigns writing:

"But in what increasingly appears to be a Microsoft problem at large, they don't seem to know how to promote anything other than first person shooters and franchise blockbusters.

It seems, to me at least, an endemic problem. Games outside of those traditional genres continually underwhelm in terms of sales, and whilst I'm sure some would argue that that's simply a result of less popular genres or franchises, I'm more inclined to argue Microsoft doesn't know how to market them effectively."

Superfragilistic5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

I rarely publish/comment on this site much more... but this hit a nerve.

I actually really dig Rare's games, Banjo was awesome, and I'm pissed with Microsoft for not pushing such titles harder.

darkmurder5383d ago

I Love Rare to death, although theyre not as good as they once were they still pump out quality titles and have only been getting better lately imo.

Superfragilistic5383d ago

Yeah I reckon Banjo's the best stuff they've done since Perfect Dark on 64.

kevnb5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

they put out two games that were pretty much hd versions of unreleased gamecube games and viva pinata and folks were saying the lost it. They still are just as good as they ever were, Im hoping for a new beat 'em up ala battletoads from them.

Superfragilistic5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

I think the problem with Rare is not that the brothers left, it's that they don't have a brand like Nintendo that has a more relevant market for its games and knows how to market them to casuals (along with people who don't feel sexually insecure playing with teddy bears and pinatas).

Btw a Battletoads release, even an HD version of the original on XBLA with online co-op would be awesome! :D

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OSIRUSSS5383d ago

Is fallout boy some Bethesda developer?

Gun_Senshi5383d ago

need to be shot and removed from the planet.

Lame emo music, that technically is not music FTL

XboxOZ3605383d ago

Actually, it wasn't that bad, not being a music buff, but I could "understand" the music and lyrics . . and wasn't the usual stupid rap-crap stuff that just about every artist pushes these days.

gaminoz5383d ago

"This is the part where I get all emo with Microsoft…"

Yeah MS is trying to be cool instead of sell their 360 games or something it sounds like.

Great read! Not swimming with the sharks was a good move I think...

XboxOZ3605383d ago

Yes, I can say looking over he side and into that cool cool inviting water was VERY tempting indeed - UNTIL you realized that a 2 .5 meter Bull Shark just chomped off the arm and leg of a professional naval diver the week before in the SAME location . . has you step back from the side very ver quickly.

paul-p19885382d ago

i would say they are trying to be cool with Fallout boy, but fallout boy are the definition of the most uncool band in history. They have terrible music, even worse hairstyles, and seem to think they are brilliant.... its no suprise that emos wanna cut themselves when they listen to stuff like that...

gaminoz5383d ago

Concert on a navy boat....did they get any hung over stowaways that they promptly pressed into service? Maybe the bands?

XboxOZ3605383d ago

They did give away a nice cap and some sunscreen, 30 mins before the event finished. Seems they got that a bit mixed up, it should have been within the first 30 mins of the event, not the last. . funny that.

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