x360a: Rise of the Argonauts Review

x360a writes: "Rise of the Argonauts walked a rocky road to its eventual release. After being delayed, and many of us not expecting the game to release until spring 2009, the game released quietly amid the torrent of quality games making up the 2008 holiday season. Could Rise of the Argonauts emerge as a sleeper hit amongst such competition, casting a siren's call over gamers, or is the 2008 release just the curtain opening on a Greek tragedy?

The game tells the story of Jason, King of Iolcus, and his quest of love and revenge. In the middle of exchanging vows, an assassin's arrow strikes down Jason's beloved Alceme, bringing their wedding to an abrupt and tragic end. Enraged, Jason cleaves his way through the ranks of mercenaries invading his palace, finally reaching and executing the assassin responsible for Alceme's death. Feeling abandoned by the gods, Jason refuses to accept the reality of his bride's death, and vows to find a way to restore her to life. Along the way, Jason will meet up with several other well-known figures of Greek mythology, and become renowned throughout the land for his heroic deeds, as he unravels the mystery surrounding Alceme's death. Rise of the Argonauts tells a story every bit as epic as one would expect, given its mythic origins, with plenty of interesting characters, each with their own world view and take on Jason's quest. Your interactions with fellow Argonauts may be, surprisingly, some of the most memorable parts of the game..."

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