x360a: MLB Front Office Manager Review

x360a writes: "Let's be honest with ourselves here: baseball can be brutally boring sometimes. Those one-run games that seem to last forever. At-bats riddled with foul ball after foul ball. The situations for boredom are endless. On the other hand, there is something majestic about a 400-foot home run and nothing more suspenseful than the possibility of a game-ending strikeout. So, in a sport that can't guarantee excitement, how much hope would a video game focused on pretending to play that sport possibly have?

Maybe I'm not being entirely fair. There is much more to MLB Front Office Manager than pretending to play the actual games, and these sections are where the game can either prove its worth or confuse the hell out of you. The main bulk is played during Career Mode, in which you are the manager of an MLB franchise, making all the decisions. You'll begin by creating your manager. The options for your look are quite limited. You can change the age, which shows well on the avatar, but aside from that, there are only a handful of heads, three body types and a few tacky suits to wear. Once you've nailed your look, you'll choose your background. Here is where things get important. If you were previously a lawyer, you'll be great at negotiations, but weak at things like scouting talent. An ex-scout or ex-player will be better at working with the team and developing talent, but weaker on the business end, and so on..."

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