x360a: SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Review

x360a writes: "Nostalgia can be a funny thing. There isn't a person out there who hasn't taken time to remember summers as a kid, hanging out with friends in high school, partying at college or watching their children grow up (depending on your age). It's nice to remember how we got where we are and the things that make us who we are today. However, attempting to relive those things is an entirely different story. It would be ill-advised to try and go climbing trees with that extra hundred pounds you've gained since you were a kid.

The same caution might apply to reliving your gaming lineage. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (or the Sega Mega Drive Collection as it is known outside the States) is both an example and an exception to this at the same time. Take for instance Ecco the Dolphin. Growing up, ripping through the ocean and leaping out of the water might have been fun, but going back and playing it now, it seems much less fun and much more... well, there's a word for it, but we'll just say it doesn't quite have the same effect..."

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