Resident Evil 5 - Do these screenshots show racism?

GamesWire has put up some preliminary screenshots of Resident Evil 5's third chapter - the bit Capcom UK told journos not to publish.

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Microsoft Xbox 3604001d ago

What's so racist about those images?

xabamo4001d ago

There is nothing racists about them. It just a small minority making a stink about nothing. I don't hear black people crying racism, only white... go figure.

Cwalat4001d ago

seriously, i have alot of african friends.

NONE of them feel any bit of offended by these screenshots or the game in general.

Whoever thinks this is racist clearly needs to check their brains.


ThanatosDMC4001d ago

There are always over reactive dip$hits out there... sad but true.

StephanieBBB4001d ago

"Whoever thinks this is racist clearly needs to check their brains."

N'Gai Croal says hello.

DelbertGrady4001d ago

I've been a hardcore racist for years and let me tell you, this is not racist. If Chris was wearing shoe polish on his face and white gloves while shooting the natives there would be something to discuss.

Blaze9294000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I dont think its more of it being racist but more or less showing the ignorance on Capcom's side becuase all of Africa isn't like this anymore. If people go outside, read a book do something instead of watch stereotypical movies on Africans, they would know there's a very little majority who still run around in lion clothes with spears and live in bamboo houses....there are cities and civilized people in Africa.

So not more or so racist, just ignorant. Some Africans, African-Americans might not get offended, some might. How would you feel if what, a foreign (outside the US) company depicted the ENTIRE North America as dumb nose picking teeth missing complainers who dont have to work for anything in life and all baggy pants wearing gun holding thugs and drug addicts in a video game?

Kind of a weird comparison but you get the point, its not the ENTIRE North America like that.

I was born in the US, have Nigerian parents, Nigerian in me. Do i think its racist, hell no its a video game. Do i really care, meh, not really. Cant speak on others though and I see Capcom's point of view for telling them not to talk about it...but then again why add it in the first place. Kind of hard to show people a different side of Africa and break the stereotype when you have games like this to the day, still showing that ALL "Africans run with the lions and Simba."

Oh and Africa's a continent...not an entire country. Just though i'd throw that in there ;)

EDIT: ok been thinking on it. I got it, game is just fiiiiiine really, its capcom who are the ignorant ones.

pixelsword4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

...I'm not getting it because the controls suck ass.

@ Soda Popinski

I guess you didn't See Dhalsim's Street Fighter II's ending when you use the alternate player, did ya?

Timesplitter144000d ago

wait.... you've been a hardcore racist?


solidsnakus4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

yea this game is racist, its not universal racism either like uncharted was, on here its all towards blacks

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Counter_ACT4001d ago

Oh for the love of god, let this racism bollocks die.

table4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

like the experts say, its inverted racism. its politically correct to feel to have to say something. what i dont like about it is that it's like unconsciously saying blacks cant be seen on the same level as whites. why cant everyone just be treated like human beings instead of looking at the colour of ones skin.

edit: this should be a response to thor's comment below.

thor4001d ago

As soon as people see a black person in a screenshot, the first thing they think about is racism... IMO that's racist in itself - we shouldn't even be having the discussion...

uHuRu4001d ago

racist or not, this game sucks.

AllroundGamer4001d ago

have to agree with you there, i'm already at the end of the game, and it just can't be compared to such greatness as RE4 was...

Timesplitter144000d ago

But the co-op mode kicks butts

Jubo14001d ago

You had to see this coming after watching the ign review.

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