NHL 07 screenshots on IGN

IGN has a batch of high res screenshots for NHL 07 on XBOX 360.

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DG5944d ago

But not up to par with Madden and Live.

ernande5944d ago

Looking good. Although typical EA not to show a screenshot of actual gameplay with HUD graphics...

ernande5943d ago

It is an exclusive in the sense that it hasnt been announced for PS3 yet. Will they bother to release the game after the PS3 launch? Probably not. They didnt for the 360 last year.

The 360 version will be lacking most of the new features found in the PS2 and Xbox versions. The 360 will feature a "next gen" game engine and new graphics, everything else will be slapdash and buggy.

Marriot VP5943d ago

AH, okay thanks that makes sense. Cause they have a trailer today that's under multi. And this is under 360.

PS360PCROCKS5943d ago

Ok so yeah the audience look like no faced blobs this looks unrealistic and underthought, Madden and NCAA 07 rape this, look at those crowds and still plenty of graphical prowess for on the field looks

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The story is too old to be commented.