Official MediaMolecule Podcast, and LittleBigApparel Available Now

PS.Blog, Mark Valledor says "Admittedly, this week's update is a bit on the light side - mainly because we have some great stuff that we have to wait until next week's post. But instead of not posting anything, we thought it would be best to at least update you on a few things…

MediaMolecule Podcast
As a new feature to the site, Media Molecule has just posted the first of many podcasts. It's a new endeavor, so they're looking for feedback - so if you have any, comment away..........."

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Handsome_Devil4004d ago

I love that T-Shirt, now if I can know where I can find it. I'm 100% sure I will buy one :D

now can they release LittleBigPaperWeight and LittleBigCalender, I sure gonna buy them :P

Cajun Chicken4004d ago

And...the merchandise floods in. Can't wait to see these in shops.

Handsome_Devil4004d ago

Well if you look at the comments you will find this one with a reply

"Yea that shirt looks awesome are they out now?"

Mark Valledor replied on March 6, 2009 at 5:24 pm

"Yup. They’re out in the wild now."


so its out there, and all we need to do is find them :D

now I'm looking for them so I can buy me one :)

Cajun Chicken4004d ago

Well, thats the PS blog from America, I'm in UK. So it might be different here.

cryymoar4004d ago

that i never ever see these at Hot Topic.