GameShark: Killzone 2 Single Player Walkthrough

Killzone 2 is a standard shooter when it comes to the basics. There's little here that is unusual or hard to learn, but that doesn't take away from some tough combat. The Helghast are a formidable force and you need to stick to some basic tips to see you through the campaign.

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frayer4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Can't wait for Killzone 3.

QuackPot4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

That could have made the SP a whole lot better.

The SP was very standard with little variation or epic set pieces. I mean, WTF. Why didn't you copy other successful shooter franchises more GG?

The SP would have been alot better if GG had:

* Given the player the ability to shoot and look around when riding in the Intruder(CoD4, RB6)

* made vehicles fully usable on most levels -either fighting against or with them(Halo, BF:BC).


IMHO, the best level of the game is the Mech level. I just wished GG had made it more exciting by having enemy Mechs to fight and/or forcing Sev & Co to fight the mechs on foot. That would have been awesome.

And Intruders, Mechs and Tanks for MP would make Killzone 2 the king of online shooters....Period.