SOCOM: Confrontation Patch 1.41 Release and Server Update Notes

Earlier this week we performed a server update. This was the final step in fixing the latency (lag) issue some players were experiencing (Medley games being created on non native servers) - We have verified that this issue is now fixed.

Patch 1.41 will be deployed 2am on Monday, March 9th in preparation of the upcoming release of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation in Europe. In addition to synchronizing all players with the European release, the 1.41 patch includes the following changes:

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BaSeBaLlKiD7214588d ago

hopefully this will fix the lag issues so they can finally work on the features that were promised... if this doesnt fix the lag, then this game is going to collect dust again...

jkhan4588d ago

Song simply dropped the ball big time with Socom Confrontation. This had all the potential to be an Ace game, it should've been delayed for a few months just to get all the issues fixed after the horrible beta. But again Sony was really stacked up with exclusives in the later part of 2008, this game was just a missed opportunity.

Snake Raiser4588d ago

I say that staking up exclusives like that is a bad idea. It would be one thing to stack say.... METAL GEAR(!) and Final Fantasy. Stacking those two would be great because you don't even HAVE(you still should) to advertise them. Face the facts, no one outside of PS3 fans know resistance, LBP is not that well known (new IP) and motorstorm is great, but not well known outside of the group of people who already own a PS3. Unless you are stacking well known games, most of these games will just pass by almost unnoticed.

phosphor1124588d ago

Like take the "bad" out of "bad game". It's a horrible game. I was disappointed, me along with a very vocal youtuber agree. He even posted videos called "Socom is dead", and he is 100% correct. Yes it is an opinion, but things like an invisible wall INSIDE A MAP is completely uncalled for. The claymores are also garbage...they have about a 2 foot range. No joke.

ElementX4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

People still play this sub-par shooter?

*EDIT* @ below:
I thought everyone moved on to COD4

I would like to try SOCOM but I'll wait until they release more patches. I keep reading about issues.

El_Colombiano4588d ago

Funny. I imagined you were speaking of COD4.

Chubear4587d ago (Edited 4587d ago )

I see people like you ALL the time over the 4 months the game's been released trying to convince people with "the game is dead dead dead dead dead!!" "The game is broken broken broken broken" "Don't buy it!"

but 10s of thousands play this game daily and it's only been released in NA. All the others EU, AU, JPN get this later this month but I find it funny how the naysayers have been saying this game is dead every day for the past 4 months.

If it was dead 3 months ago... why do we need the constant reminders?

Now with KZ2 out and we can see how lame assed gamers that NEED their aim assist act, we can see they had issues with SOCOM cause it has NO aim assist at all. So if they cried about KZ2 then ofcourse SOCOM is kicking their ass to much cause they rely too much on that CoD4 thing.

denied4588d ago

what can i say? I hope everything is fix and good to go, I am sure when they fix it all SOCOM fan that are now on the xbox will come HOME where they belong.

denied4588d ago

there is alot of hard core fan of this game

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The story is too old to be commented.