Umbrella Chronicles sequel being announced next week?

A rash of interviews say that a Resident Evil game for the Wii that relates to Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica, the two games not covered in the first Umbrella Chronicles, will be announced on March 12th. All sources and quotes at the link.

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qface643999d ago

the tittle is misleading i read that interview im assuming its the joystiq one i never once heard or saw anything about an umbrella chronicles remake

i want a real RE GAME D:

Gr813999d ago

Hope not. I guess I was one of the few who was very underwhelmed by the first one. Give the Wii a proper RE title, the ground work is there for what RE4 accomplished control wise. I don't ever want to play a resident evil game of that ilk with dual analogue again.

SinnedNogara3998d ago

I agree with you. RE4 on Wii sold 1 million units, probably because most Wii owners owned the GC/PS2 version of the game. They could have a very great success with a RE game that played like RE4, and was completely original.

DarkBlood3999d ago

im a huge resident evil fan so i'll take anything even a sequal i just love the series hopfuly if theres a sequal they will put in:
re x veronica *if thats how it spelled*
re 4
and hey possibily re degeneration thrown in there
as for the rest which there isnt i think unless they want to include th outbreak games in there but beside that i think its pretty solid enough plus add in weskers side of the story and well you know where im probably going with this

BigMassacre3999d ago

Sorta makes sense.

I don't even know why Capcom excluded RE2 and Code Veronica in the first Umbrella Chronicles. Would be easy to put those two scenarios together and maybe some extras surrounding RE4 and Degeneration.

Was kinda hoping for a REmake styled Code Veronica, or Code Veronica with the RE4 engine, but it seems unlikely. Hope I'm wrong.

Stu19813999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I'd already been assuming RE5 to be the sequel to CV.

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The story is too old to be commented.