Resident Evil 5 IGN UK Review

IGN UK writes: "Like 4 but more." Ryan Geddes writes: "Like the story it's trying to tell, Resident Evil 5 is all about evolution. Capcom has gone out on a limb with the latest numbered sequel in its long-running survival horror franchise, and although one of your goals as a player is to survive the horrors around you, this entry in the series is a radical departure from the genre Capcom helped create near Raccoon City more than a decade ago."

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Face Palm4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I'm very surprised that IGN US and UK gave it 9/10 and IGN AU 8.7/10 . Judging by the demo, I assumed it would rate in the 8s at best. I personally am VERY let down by RE5 demo, but it sounds like the full game is a solid package. My complaints are that the gameplay is lacking and the controls are way outdated. As far as the controls, it's not just the lack of run n gun, the over controls are poorly done in general. Ie: looking around is way too twitchy that you can't even tell what you just looked at, I mean you need to be looking for zombies in all direction but looking around is useless (I'm NOT talking about aiming.

I won't buy it cus I'm too busy playing another game (you know which one) although I probably still wouldn't buy if I wasn't preoccupied. Maybe maybe I'll rent it if the majority of review are quite high.

xino4010d ago

Yes, the gameplay is definitive lacking, exact same gameplay from RE4, no changes, jut co-op and more melee moves.

But I disagree about the controls, if you have played RE4 you would know they are exactly the same.
Yea I haven't gotten used to the controls yet, because it's been a LONG time since I've played RE4, so the controls are weird to me on the Xbox 360 controller.

PrimordialSoupBase4010d ago

Playing the final boss now. It's impossible to finish this game on your own... literally impossible. It's built for co-op, but in doing so they also broke the experience of playing alone.

IrishAssa4009d ago

Killzone 2 demo was a letdown for me, full game is excellant though, don't judge by the demo

Aquanox4009d ago

Judging by the FULL game (not the Demo)
Best lightning I have ever seen in a game.
Texture detail is superior to almost all games, probably except for Gears 2.
Enemy animations on par with Killzone 2.
Environments second to none.

Overall, Up there with the best looking games of this generation, yes, including KZ2.

DominusRebellis4009d ago

I don't care what everyone says of the controls, this game is going to kick a$$ (for me at least) and is the only reason I'm looking forward to my midterm this Friday, cause once that's done RE5 time all weekend!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooot!

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Unicron4010d ago

RE5 demo disappointed me. It felt arcane. It's not what RE used to be any more, and I do miss the crazy puzzles and tense atmosphere. I don't want to dumb it down to calling it Gears of Evil... but that's how it feels.

HOWEVER, the moment I jumped in online coop with a friend, I was hooked. Despite my issues, THAT experience is great fun, and I will be purchasing the game and judge it as a whole. I just hope its long enough. Any word on length?

KillaManiac4010d ago

Its the same as 4.....

IGN's Video review and Gametrailer's RE Retrospective talked about that your either a "Oldschool RE Fan" or a RE4 fan....

Unicron4010d ago

I'm a fan of both to be honest. I liked how RE4 made things fresh. But with third person shooters taking over lately, and RE being more of a TPS now as well, I feel it needed to update from RE4 a tad more. I love Dead Space controls frankly.

LostDjinn4010d ago

but the review was nice.
This strikes me as game that gets better the further you get through it though.
I sure hope so because I love the resi franchise (yes 4 included) and plan to buy this on release day.

SiLeNt KNighT4010d ago

that settles it. im staying far from this game. 4 was just decent imo and not even worth playing. actually i think i got sick of the game 3/4 the way through and never touched it again. i know a lot of people liked this game but its just not my cup o tea. for the fans of the series that quote will probably make them want it even more. graphics look good though. if youre a fan looks like you will be satisfied.

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