10° - ArmA 2 Preview

"With Armed Assault 2 (also known as ArmA 2), Bohemia Interactive intends to return to past glories, but found an obstacle in front Operation Flashpoint 2, in programming at Codemasters and out during the summer. Let's see how does Bohemia Interactive think they can best the original Arma on one hand and beat the all too familiar competition on the other."

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XLiveGamer4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

This ARMA 2 game and OFP2 are the most must have FPS War Games this year forget of the other games of the past they never touched this realism before and apparently they are not behind it this and next year either. Do you want realism and one of the most challenging multiplayer action war games? pick this two titles.

"in the game: there is no space for the "run and shoot" of Call of Duty, then, considering that the assault a village by five well-defended enemy could cause very large losses to a large platoon of attack"

This is why i love A.R.M.A. and OFP NO Hollywood B.S. for kids.

This are great games coming to your console of preference but apparently a lot of gamers that like to brag that they are tough and untouchables on games like Call of Duty MW know that here they are just like sitting ducks.

Fear its going to be your ally in this games.

Alexious4004d ago

Indeed, ArmA2 is going to be the most realistic wargame as I state in the article. ;)