February 2009 NPD Predictions

VGChartz has posted their NPD preview for February 2009.


The Official NPD Numbers are due next week, March 12nd. @ 6:30 PM EST

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Aquanox4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

From the begining I thought Killzone 2 timing was extremely weird. Dividing its hype into two months sounds ludicrous since they'd have only 2 days for February (where GTA TLATD helped the Xbox 360) and in March, they'd have to deal with Halo Wars, Star Ocean and the (recently announced) Resident Evil 5 Xbox edition.

snipermk04004d ago

I thought we all vowed never to post anything from VGchartz again.. Ahhh the irony!

pwnsause4004d ago

killzone 2 released on Feburary 27. Now STFU.

gamesmaster4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

vgchartz... lol

Aquanox4005d ago

They were acceptably close for January numbers.

JokesOnYou4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Since when have vg chartz #'s been banned? vg #'s have been apart of this site as long as I can remember. Hell they are closer than Patcher's predictions and you see stuff from so called analyst all the time. Oh I see the hirearchy here at n4g get to pick and choose when vg chartz news is suitable for us regular folks.

Well no thanks nasim and friends, I prefer to see the news UN-filtered.


Aquanox4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

^^ That's what I was thinking.

It seems that some fans try hard to make stories they don't like fail, when they're perfectly valid like this one. Something tells me that if Killzone took the high spot here, this would've been approved in no time.

This story is as good as any other preview, like Patcher's Projections for example.

green4005d ago

Vgchartz banned....did i miss something?We all know they are estimates and are usually posted under rumors, so why are people reporting the story.

XxZxX4005d ago

I'm pretty sure VGChartz started this whole fanboys sales war there, next to

Aquanox4005d ago

Ok, finally we can actually talk about the article.

Sony's Timing is probably the worst in all generations. Who the hell programmed KZ2 for the 26th? The should've given it one more week so the PS3 would probably take February and give Sony a well needed PR boost and momentum.

Now, the first two days of Killzone are overshadowed by Street Fighter and Wii games, and in the hardware side, it seems that the pricing and GTA did the job for the Xbox 360.

In March, things will be even harder. Without the launch boost, KZ2 will have to deal with Halo Wars in terms of software and the RE5 special edition Xbox 360 in the hardware sales. With this trend, Sony could probably NOT outperform Microsoft in America in a single month in the first Semester (If no price drop) even with their most hyped game ever.

Bad handling at Sony Corporation.

4005d ago
4005d ago
mint royale4005d ago

the only person I see fabricating anything is you. You know very well that never happened. Vgchartz use the shipped numbers that all the companies give out and estimate the sales to consumers. They are astonishingly accurate for a FREE service. If you want more accurate data pay $20,000 for full NPD data.

If you don't care about sales then leave the site alone. Sometimes I think if Vgchartz showed the ps3 at 30 million it would be proclaimed as the greatest site ever. For a free service there should be no complaints.

Electricear4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I believe you have you're sites confused. Nextgenwars was the site that was run by a fanboy kid, and used a simple script in the sites code that incremented the numbers every few minutes based off a fictitious sales number. VGchatz may be off in their predictions, but nextgenwars was ridiculously wrong.

godofthunder104004d ago

Ps3 fanboys are full of sh*t.I'm tired of them making excuses or saying that someone,a web site,or a company is bias if they don't act like the ps3 and all the games on it is perfect.Sometimes that's not even enough.They gave KZ2 a perfect score on G4.A ps3 fanboy emailed them and told them that they were bias aginst the ps3 and KZ2.Just think,they gave KZ2 a perfect score and ps3 fanboys still wasn't happy and sayed that he was bias against the ps3.I guess that you have to fall down to your knees and thank god for the ps3 and it's game,jump up and down and wish you could make love to it just to make ps3 fanboys happy.If VGChartz posted that the ps3 and it's games was at the top of the list it would be a completly different story.Every ps3 fanboy would be praising them and saying they know what they are talking about.

I've read ps3 fanboys articles before that trashed a website or someone if they didn't praise the ps3 and jump up and down with joy because of it or if they said something good about the 360.Ps3 fanboys claimed they were bias and didn't know what they were talking about.I've then seen the same ps3 fanboys claim that the same people knew what they are talking about if they gave the ps3 all kinds of praises,or say something bad about the 360 and it's pathetic.When Oblivian 1st came it was a 360 exclusive.Almost every ps3 fanboy claimed that the game suxed,it was over rated and was glad it wasn't on the ps3.When it was ported over to the ps3 the same ps3 fanboys was all saying the complete opposite.They then claimed that Oblivian was a great game and they recomend that every one that had a ps3 should buy it.

Facts is facts.Every one knows that the ps3 is a good system but it's not great like ps3 fanboys claim,they act as if the ps3 is the greatest thing since electricity.The ps3 and 360 are both great systems.Fanboys should give credit where credit is due instead of making an A** of themselfs.

Ps3 fanboys claimed that all microsoft do is steal or buy exclusives away from Sony.They claimed that sony made all their games and are to good to do what microsoft is doing.The fact is they are dead wrong and the majority knows it but wont admitt it.Sony stole or bought the MGS series,NINJA GAIDEN,FINAL FANTASY and other big ps3 exclusoves from nintendo and that's a fact.people that claim this isn't true isn't truthful with theirselfs and the people.All people have to do is go back when sony first came out with the ps1 and they would see that sony did the same thing to nintendo like microsoft is doing to sony now and that's a fact.I'll admitt that they have 360 and ps3 fanboys but ps3 fanboys out # the 360 fanboys by 2 to 1 or more and that's a fact.Hell all people have to do is go to any game article,i don't care if it's for the ps3 or 360.Ps3 fanboys would post over 50% of replys about the article trashing the 360 and they are pathetic.

Fanboys need to be more like gamers instead of acting like stupid children fighting over who has the better toy.They remind me of 6 year olds saying my daddy can beat up your's the same damn thing but instead of daddy they are saying my system.They all need to grow up and start acting their ages instead of acting like their I.Q is the lowest of any animal.

SiLeNt KNighT4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

wow. this is excellent news for sony. they still have a price drop coming within the next couple months and the numbers are still this high? when the price cut comes these numbers are going to sky rocket! solid sales for the 360 still which is great for MS. they have 5 games in the top 10 its just a shame none of them are first party exclusives, still a good feat over the wii though. wii is still going strong but i think many of us expect the numbers to slowly start dwindling as they are in japan.

@godofthunder..."Fanboys need to be more like gamers". take your own advice buddy and stop crying. fanboys are fanboys no matter what system they are for. its a shame its so evident your a 360 fanboy. when you talk [email protected] about fanboys if you werent one yourself then you would be irritated by ALL fanboys.

The Lazy One4004d ago

Are they really estimating the wii to sell almost a million in february? Why? There weren't really any major releases. Ahm confused.

pwnsause4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

apparently, your statement makes us view you as if you have an IQ thats below 1, which is probably worse than that of an animal. BTW, Killzone 2 launched on the 27th Feburary, so of course the NPD is not going to show that.

cherrypie4004d ago

@ Aquanox

Sony put the Killzone2 launch at end of Feb hoping that Launch & Pre-Launch sales would get them on Feb "Top 10", and then strong March get them again.

If the title launched at beginning of March, they would surely not make the Top 10 for April.

This method gets Killzone2 on two months' top 10 lists. Without puttig the launch closer to the very end of February says they need *all* of March to hope to get on March's Top 10, it means they lack confiendce in the title's ability to last long on Top 10 lists.

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Spike474005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

and quality for gamers at least is more important than some numbers. Sales for K2 will be decent to say the least.

JokesOnYou4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

KZ2 is an amazing game. For me its not about KZ2 or whether or not vg chartz's is accurate because I see them for what they are, just a estimate based on limited data. This is a news site full of rumors, analyst predictions, and wild claims, but now supposedly vg's estimates are banned. All I'm saying is that I hate censorship based on personal emotion and thats what I think those reporting this post are doing.

On a side note I think if these #'s are close to accurate although their not terrible, their not very impressive either for a game sony put so much stock in, the game is definitely worth a purchase so I put the blame on sony for not doing their part to show off this game, I mean damm I was expecting alot more advertising and hype, and yes while the internet gaming sites were hyping it to death, I haven't seen much outside of the wire, thats just poor support for a game you've been touting for so long, wtf? Were they just expecting gamers who saw the trailer a year ago to remember to get the game?, I think they have too much faith in their brand name sometimes. Stop letting the fans pick up your slack sony and *Promote the damm game!


thereapersson4005d ago

For realizing how great Killzone 2 is. The online mode is so addictive!

Unicron4005d ago

All I'm saying is that I hate censorship based on personal emotion and thats what I think those reporting this post are doing.

Well said Jokes. It's unfortunate what a huge fanboy battle ground this place is. The concept is great, bringing news together. Sadly, people again seem to care about flaunting their e-peen and arguing sales numbers over coming together to enjoy a common interest, gaming.

Sitdown4005d ago

I half agree with you....there are plenty of people who are "gamers" but are also concerned with sales. Some gamers like to look at sales so that they can somewhat get the assurance that another game will be produced...or some just like to know how well a game performed sales wise. On the other hand, I do not like those who are worried about sales to justify their purchase or try and bash the competition.

Belasco4004d ago

But I have to agree with you, last generation I was on the other side of the fence, listening to the sony side tout sales constantly, but I liked what I liked, and sales weren't going to change that. Bubble to you sir

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Spike474005d ago

make a decision based on what "sounds" good.;)

nice_cuppa4005d ago

the truth will come out soon non-believers !
We did it !
We kicked their alien butts !

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