The UK's recently launched Change4Life campaign is going straight for video game vilification.

The new print ad ties childhood gaming to a shortened lifespan, a bold follow-up to the television version that links video games to obesity.

MCV and ELSPA have, rightly, decided to point out just how harmful these sweeping, defamatory assertions are.

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meepmoopmeep4003d ago

uhhh... what the smurf?

everything in life shortens your life span

UnwanteDreamz4003d ago

From the moment we are born we begin to die.

rockleex4002d ago

Did they figure that videogames shorten lifespan?

The only way it can affect your lifespan is if you go on a video game binge for days straight without eating, drinking, or sleeping! -_-"

SpikeSpiegel4003d ago

There are lots of reasons that can be contributed to obesity (as was stated in the article). If you take away video games, does that mean that your child will automatically lead a healthy lifestyle? Hellz no!

If parents stop letting their kids play video games but they are still feeding them the McDonalds diet, it solves nothing.

kevnb4003d ago

they will run the same ad, but with a kid reading a book... or maybe doing homework. Because you know, reading books and homework prevent you from excercising. Too much of anything can be bad, some people just cant comprehend.

rockleex4002d ago

They'll run the same ad, but with a kid playing sports. Because playing around all the time causes ADHD, then your kid won't be able to focus in school.