19% of the MGS fans don't want MGS5

The results of the MGS:TUS poll were all pretty even in the race with the only exception being the last option (new game, new universe). Regardless of all this talk Kojima has dealt out about focusing on all-new characters, a majority asked for a sequel involving either Solid Snake or Big Boss. Almost tied with these two options was a crowd of users requesting new characters, or no sequel. Sufficient to say, the fandom is a little split in this one.

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PoSTedUP4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

are they REALLY mgs fans? o_O

19% of giants fans dont want to see the giants next season, oh wait those are Philadelphia eagle fans in disguise sori my fault. XD

Venomish4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

it is actually 81% of the fans want MGS5
in psychology there is something called "framing effect"

theEnemy4005d ago

some people are satisfied or fulfilled after finishing MGS4. I mean technically MGS4 should be the last in the MGS series.

There's no more worthy Antagonist left for Snake to kill.

But who knows, Kojima Productions are f'ing creative. :D

But this I'm certain, 100$ of all MGS4 owners/fans wants Trophies!

Dark General4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I guess i'm in the minority since i don't want a MGS5. I think the "MGS" series should be done. Now if they want to make a new spiritual successor to MGS i have less of a problem with that. Let Solid Snake die off already, his time is up.

doshey4005d ago

19% of giants fans dont want to see the giants next season, oh wait those are Philadelphia eagle fans in disguise sori my fault

what was that percent of giants fans that were mad when the eagle beat the giants in the playoffs, uh all of them

CobraKai4005d ago

Well duh Dr. Obvious...pssh:)

IdleLeeSiuLung4005d ago

This is too small of a sample to even make any proper deduction from.

Ghoul4005d ago

90% of the 19% that participated in the vote didnt like mgs in the first place

internet polls are useless.

blind-reaper4005d ago

Im a MGS fan that dont want another MGS4 sequel, but a MGS4 prequel would be nice.

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ThanatosDMC4005d ago

Well, i agree since... we'll Snake's story ended. It gave closure to all the stories in the MGS universe. I dont want a random game that just wants to milk gamers for money... like Halo for example.

Eamon4005d ago

While its true that MS make so much money out of the name "halo" you cannot deny that the games are so fun =P

ThanatosDMC4005d ago

I deny that Halo Wars was fun... you need to be meticulous with your units.

Still Halo 1 for me was the best... but i might be alone on that one.

Kamikaze1354005d ago

But dammit, that ending totally pissed me off. It wasn't even a plot twist, it felt more like the devs had time to spare and started pulling out story from their asses.

I say bring out a new MGS saga with all new characters and a brand new story. Cameos are fine, but if you're supposed to be dead, STAY DEAD! Don't just magically appear and ruin the ending.

table4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

why would there be a twist if they intended to round off the series.

PotNoodle4005d ago

The ending kind of annoyed me too, i mean - i had known for years that snake was going to die in MGS4 but they wimped out and didn't kill him off!

I mean come on, they could of at least let him die off camera and say, In the game he died.

Still, my favourite game this generation.

Conan9974005d ago

care of the spoilers there.

some people haven't played mgs4 yet

PirateThom4005d ago

I don't want to see Metal Gear Solid 5 either, but I would accept a new Metal Gear.

Solid Snake's story is over, he's earned his rest. It's time to tell the untold stories of how Null became Grey Fox (with David Hayter playing the role of Big Boss as his radio contact) or how Raiden rescued Sunny.

Nineball21124005d ago

I agree with you 100%. Either of those stories would interest me.

I've played the story of Solid Snake. Time to move on.

The Lazy One4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Metal Gear SOLID should stay over. It would cheapen the series if solid snake came up again.

another metal gear something is almost a certainty though.


I don't think they should make it any time soon either. If they do make another, they should really put a lot of time into nailing down the story. Even though MGS4 was good, it felt unedited story wise. It was built for fans of the series, but would hurt standing alone as it's own game storywise, because the whole story is the ending.

It's the same reason I was pissed at the story in Halo 2/3 (aside from the fact that it went from a cool story to batshit insane to decent story but nothing exceptional)


let us play as the Ninja !!!!

I love MGS but I want to be able to whoop ass in hand to hand combat and shoot the hell out of people.

Bubb for you Pirate

Mr PS34005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Metal Gear Game
Sequel/Prequel Another Story with new Characters
Dont matter to me