Telegraph: Tom Clancy's HAWX review

Telegraph writes: "HAWX suffers greatly in presentational terms and a lack of polish. Whatever jet you fly, all based on real life models, it's lovingly rendered and will likely have any plane-watchers cooing. However, the environments are less impressive. Some maps are based on real life locations, using satellite technology to recreate the topography in the game. It's a nice idea, but let down by looking like exactly what it is: satellite pictures slapped onto a gameworld.

Take a look at the water and you'll find it completely static, a minor quibble but a noticeable one in this day and age. It's also depressingly characterless and takes itself far too seriously. The plotline is bland, militaristic nonsense while Crenshaw and his wingmen and utterly interchangeable. So much so, I played the entire game without ever cottoning onto which is which. Loading times, too, are obscenely long."

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