Killzone 2 Patch After Maintenance

GamersDigest have received word from Seb Downie (Producer over at Guerilla Games) that the Killzone 2 servers are currently being updated.

"We are performing a server update and will also be deploying the game update straight after that to fix a number of issues.

The patch will be going live in Europe first and the US later on today."

The maintenance is expected to last no longer than one hour.


UPDATE; The patch (1.20) has been released, it is 16MB.

UPDATE 2; List of fixes has been added.

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Face Palm4011d ago

Guerilla is really on their toes with KILLZONE 2! It's nice to see them acting super fast on issues and community complaints as well as suggestions.

RedMist114011d ago

If they fix the stuff there, it is definitely sweet!

pswi604011d ago

I would like to personally thank all the hardcore ps3 fanboys on n4g for rejecting any legit news about controller problems for this past week, as there were many users having real problems with the controls.

I also want to thank all the Killzone 2 fanboys who constantly troll anyone who was having an issue, you guys are the best. I mean, way to turn on your own community like that. Now I know how 360 owners with the RROD felt when they turnsed to their own community for help and got mocked.

Some of these people are one and the same, and they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they have treated not only their fellow gamers, but also their fellow ps3 fanboys as well.

You guys really outdid yourselves this time.

4011d ago
Statix4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Relax, no one is comparing this to RROD. The point is, that some fanboys will deny an issue exists when it comes to their favored system or game, and ignore/insult someone who is actually on their side just because he's personally having issues and honestly and openly expresses those issues that he's having having rather than pretend they don't exist in any capacity, whatsoever.

>>"We just like the controls the way they are and you think what we want should not matter as much as what you want."

What does that even mean? Some people who play the game may find that there are problems with the controls, some people may find NO problems with the controls whatsoever. The point is that people have the right to express their issues and concerns with the developer, so that said developer can make a determination on the general prevalence of the issues, on whether they exist in significant enough numbers to warrant changes/fixes, and also to get ideas from users on how potential fixes could be applied. That's really the basic principle of beta testing and in-house play-testing, is to find out the opinions of joe consumer, the average gamer out there that will be buying the game. All in an effort, of course, to make the game as playable and enjoyable to as many people as they can (i.e., sell more copies).

And why would he still "complain that it's not COD?" Why do you think he would still complain, if the controls were sufficiently improved? Because you think he's secretly an Xbot?

UnwanteDreamz4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

"I mean, way to turn on your own community like that. Now I know how 360 owners with the RROD felt when they turnsed to their own community for help and got mocked." - pswi60

Sooo yes he did compare the two.

What I meant to say is what he wants (a control "fix") should not matter more than what others want (leave controls alone).

I don't think he is an "xbot" I don't even use those childish lables because they are stupid. I have argued with more than a few COD fans who want KZ2 to control like their favorite shooter. Hey if the patch just improved the dead zone and (imput lag something I haven't had) then fine. You should understand though that some want a complete control, movement speed, overhaul. That I am sorry to say is something that will make me stop playing the MP.

slak4011d ago

Thats cool i guess working overtime

4011d ago
MAR-TYR-DOM4011d ago



pm me if youre having problems in Realzone2.

Naucious4011d ago

never had a problem with the controls but whatever makes the COD fans happy then so be it, understood cant blame GG for making changes wou got to give the people what they want its just business, especially if you expecting them to buy KZ3, now im really going to murk the world now lol, COD fans you done messed up now lol. N e ways glad that GG is really attentive to the compliants of killzone fans, that shows great integrity in my sense......

PS ID: Naucious
currently playing KZ2
Favs KZ2 COD4 RB2 im mainly on

kparks4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

LOL i dont buy one bit that they tweaked the controls BS they still suck... And do you know how dumb you sound when you change the word controller lag to "WELL IT FEELS WEIGHTY" LOL WTF!!!! stop making excuses for the game!!! The controls still suck... and now after the patch im noticing some hit detection errors...And they are not listening to what people want. they have been working on these patches for a while now... they cant get a bug free patch out to the public in like a week!!!! not saying they dont care just saying they all ready knew there was a problem and im glad there addressing it and trying to help the consumers!!!!

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Baba19064011d ago

awesome support for an awesome game.

christian hour4011d ago

Finally. Maybe this will also fix the facts that none of my stats are on even though ive finished the game twice and played tonnes of MP.

Jeebus4011d ago

you have to check your SP stats, then press X on that screen to upload to the website

TreborRversed4011d ago

I'll be honest, I was one of those who thought the control were ace before this patch, now I've played it with the patch I can see what you guys, who hated it, was on about.

It is more responsive, but still has that weighty feel, and I agree if you want more people to buy your game then youu need it to be enjoyable for the masses.

Any ways love the game and may it continue

MegaMohsi4011d ago

Another patch already?? GG is really on top of things.

Myst4011d ago

Ah, so this is the reason why I couldn't get on to play this morning, I was wondering why. Checked my connection and everything to see what the problem might be. I'm glad they did this just before my spring break starts :).

Sin-CityGamer4011d ago

Good job Guerilla for taking the time to actually support your well done game. I'll see you guys at the warzone after the patch =)