Hellgate: London Will Not Return To Europe And US

HanbitSoft, the publisher of Hellgate: London in South Korea and parts of Asia, has clarified again that it does not hold the publishing rights for the game in Europe or the US.

HGL recently received an update which went down well with players in Korea where the game is still thriving, however, fans here and in the US are still wondering if they'll see a return of the game.

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Dorjan4005d ago


That's not fair! Bring it back to the UK and US!

Maticus4005d ago

That is such a shame, I know there are a lot of people hoping it will come back in some shape or form, even if it's subscription based again. But free to play would probably get more players, just less money. Hmm, decisions decisions.

AndyA4005d ago

Hellgate's a strange one - why did they say they were shutting down the US and Euro servers "for good" if they're still working on updates?

syrinx4005d ago

The way this game was handled was a mess so no huge surprise there.

riksweeney4005d ago

>Hellgate: London will not appear in the UK

Anyone else find that ironic?