ONM: Professor Layton And The Demon's Box Preview

It's not that either of the sequels reinvent the concept laid out by Curious Village, because ONM loves the first game too much to see the ideas there thrown out for something new. Instead, they refine what's already been seen before adding new elements to the mix that bring added depth to the gameplay. Indeed, you only have to play Professor Layton And The Demon's Box - the second game in a trilogy that's already concluded in Japan - for half an hour or so to realize.

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Lucreto4000d ago

Enjoyed the first one and I will be defintly getting this one.

PS360WII3999d ago

Yup it's gonna be a fine day when that games comes out over here :)

UltimateIdiot9113999d ago

Ahhhh, I want this game already.