Jon Stewart takes on the House Gaming Hearings

This is a more than worth while video. You can see first hand the kind of idiots we insist on sending to congress.

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Marriot VP6452d ago

HAHA, I was laughing so hard. As I've said before video games are the parents responsibility.

Guttersnype6452d ago

Yeah, it's great to know tax payer money is being well spent.

PS360PCROCKS6452d ago (Edited 6452d ago )

I know this is totally rediculous but totally fuc*ing hilarious, my god man, lmao

PS360PCROCKS6452d ago (Edited 6452d ago )

and its on comedy central go figure lol and whats the new law, if you dont make a certain amount of money you cant buy GTA lol cause it "Might hurt the poor boi"

pspchris6452d ago

"i think its safe to say that a wealthy kid from the suberbs can play GTA without turning to a life of crime but a poor kid who lives in a neighborhood where people really do steal cars, or deal drugs, or shoot cops might not be so fortunate." WTF!!! what the hell are the house of representatives thinking? lmao....but seriously, its kinda sad.

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