Collectors Editions: Are they Worth Your Money?

Vigster writes: "When it comes to pre-ordering a video game sometimes you get the choice of purchasing a collectors edition for roughly another $30.00-$40.00. In our current economic situation, can we really afford that extra money for just a crappy bonus CD/DVD? As the customer it's up to you to make the decision but knowing what's worth your money is key.

One reason that you may shell out the extra cash is if you are a die hard fan. Take for example the up coming Street Fighter IV. If you pre-order the collectors edition you get a headband, full length 65 min anime feature, a collectible figurine, hint book and a bonus disc. This is one collectors edition that is well worth your hard earned money..."

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Cajun Chicken4006d ago

Only limited edition that I bought that was worth the money was the GTAIV pack, I mean, a bag, safe deposit box with keys, soundtrack and a Rockstar keyring, well, that was just generous.

Also the design for the PC version of San Andreas packaging was genius. A fake tourists book mixed in with the instructions with the game at the back, best game packaging ever. Really felt worth something.