UT3 version 2.00 now available for PS3? Titan Pack?

Talk writes:"It seems that an update is now available for the Playstation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3. Load up the game and you should be prompted to download the update.

This update contains around 48 trophies, splitscreen play and a new menu. According to my source, the update weighs in at around 112MB."

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Cajun Chicken4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Be getting this later.

So glad for this splitscreen, have to give that a test with a friend at some point.

na2ru14011d ago

The new menu design is fantastic. The game is now in version 2.0.
Hopefully they can bring in some more updates such as splitscreen online and at least a basic ranking system.

shelbygt334011d ago

it'll be officially out "soon". Before the 19th, which is when the Titan pack is out.

Cajun Chicken4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Wait, it's safe? I just heard that some bad things were happening with it on PS3. Not updated in case.

shelbygt334011d ago

i don't think it's officially out yet, but you can get your hands on it if you wanted to. that's how i interpret it.

I_am_rushin4011d ago

Basically here's the picture.

The patch 2.00 which adds split-screen and trophies is separate from the Titan Pack (which will be a free expansion pack available from the PS Store) they were both set to be released today. The Titan pack got delayed 2 weeks, but the patch went live in Europe and will go live in the U.S. "soon". My guess is late tonight or tomorrow.

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George Sears4011d ago

Trophies and everything eh? Got to give props for Epic on at least not abandoning there old games. Not to mention such an underrated one.

Proxy4011d ago

No overpriced DLC is always nice.

W1ldWolf4011d ago

update is not live that i can tell, tried the game a couple of times this evenin and still at version 1.20 hmmm

andron4011d ago

Some sites says so, but I don't know. Have sold it...

W1ldWolf4011d ago

yeah I am in the US so you may be right.

shelbygt334011d ago

I'll fire this one up tonight and report back. I, for one, think this game is vastly underrated. I like it a lot - fast, pretty decent graphics and a little addictive.

phosphor1124011d ago

...unless you thing Gears 2 looks "decent" as well. They use the same UE3 iteration, most of the shaders are straight rips from Gears 2 also.

shelbygt334011d ago

well... I think the graphics are decent. Perhaps my standards are lower than yours, lol.

brycespitler4011d ago

till the 19th

sorry guys

i was letdown too

but look on the bright side

killzone 2 is out right now for everyone to enjoy

and if its your kind of thing then RE5 is out on the 13th.

...i was looking forward to the trophies but oh well

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The story is too old to be commented.