TGR: Halo Wars Map Pack Impression Do you think we are impressed?

Bungie is readying another map pack for the Xbox 360 flagship shooter Halo 3. Following in the footsteps of Legendary and Heroic comes the Mythic Map Pack, which eager players can first acquire on March 3 when the limited edition version of Halo Wars is released. The pack will be purchasable on Xbox Live at a later date, as yet unannounced, and will almost double the total number of maps available for Halo 3 from the 11 that originally shipped with the game up to 20.

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predator4008d ago

I got this free with Halo Wars, might give it a shot

Blaze9294008d ago

Im guessing there is another map pack coming out? There are still three more skulls to find:

Citadel Skull
Heretic Skull
Longshore Skull

Or are those the ones that are exclusive to Halo Wars? Because one achievement says:

-Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan
Find all the hidden skulls on the Mythic maps.

So what kind of bs is the mythic map pack...if it doesnt even have all the maps in that PACK]? Coming with ODST? 3 Leaderboard ::

Viewtiful4008d ago

I stopped playing Halo 3 looong ago. It's hard to imagine folks still be that gungho about it.

shoinan4008d ago

People are still playing Halo and Halo 2, let alone Halo 3! People are going to be psyched for these maps.

Bnet3434008d ago

Viewtiful needs to stop living under a rock lol

Tony P4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Yeah, the online is still top notch even compared to newer releases.

For sheer features, I don't think any other console game has outdone Halo 3's online. So as long as they support it, we can expect a lasting multiplayer experience.

Major_Tom4008d ago

It has nice multi-player features but it isn't the core of the game, gameplay is and it's getting a bit dated now.

ambientFLIER4008d ago

Yep, those 1,000,000 unique players daily will surely hate the idea of new maps.

In other news, I stopped eating broccoli a long time ago. I can't imagine anyone else eating it. Ever.

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SlamVanderhuge4008d ago

Its cool that they keep adding content, but i havent played H3 in awhile

slak4008d ago

because the game is awesome thats why i still play it and yes the other maps


are going to be in HALO 3:ODST

Blaze9294008d ago

gotcha. Works out then, wasnt buying Halo Wars for now maps, but but buying ODST either way

VirtualKatz4008d ago

I just picked up Halo 3 again for the first time in a while and forgot why I loved this game so much. It is so much fun online, the single player has always been so so but the online, BRING ON THE NEW MAPS!

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