Miner Dig Deep: A Review From The Goozex Report

Dale Culp Says: As I play "Miner Dig Deep," I can't help but wonder what ol' Tennessee Ernie Ford would think of this community game on Xbox Live. Just what do you get for loading 16 tons? Well, I'll tell you what I got… I got a lesson on the work habits of the petite bourgeois, that's what.

Work harder, earn more; greater risk, greater reward. That seems to be the overall lesson of "Miner Dig Deep" as I push further into the earth in the pursuit of more valuable material to sell at the store. It's kind of a modern day parable on consumerism, entrepreneurship and The American Dream. Of course, I'm sure this wasn't what the developers had in mind at all while they made the game, it's just something that occurred to me while I played it.

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bgrundman4010d ago

I have always been curious about the community games. Is it any good?

CrAppleton4010d ago

there are some really good community games

bgrundman4010d ago

Personally, my favorite community game so far is Bricks4Ever.

bgrundman4010d ago

Makes me wonder if it would even be possible to pull off something like community games on the PS3. I heard the cell is too hard to develop for.

JimmyJames704010d ago

I have no idea. Does Sony even support an equivalent to XNA or is that what the cell is?

bgrundman4010d ago

No they are primarily a closed platform to those without an SDK.

JimmyJames704010d ago

I haven't played any community games either, but it would be good to support them. I understand they are made with XNA and independent developers make them.

roblef4010d ago

community games is a great idea. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff, though?

bgrundman4010d ago

Sounds like a website that is just waiting to be made...

JimmyJames704010d ago

Are you thinking about creating a Community Games web site? Or maybe just adding another section to an already existing web site?

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