Capcom Officially Announces Resident Evil 5 Unlockable Mini-Game

GamePlasma writes:

"Capcom has announced that the latest game in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 5, will have an all new unlockable mini-game called The Mercenaries."


Now with screenshots/video.

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dxmnecro4007d ago

I thought the demo was kind of hard. I can only image what this one is going to be like.

dxmnecro4007d ago

Not a RE fan I take it or was it the controls?

Panthers4007d ago

It was hard, but the game is so amazing on co-op. I just wish I could move while aiming.

Heldrasil4007d ago

"all new unlockable mini-game called The Mercenaries." sh*t huh?
Not only is it not "NEW" but it's so damn old it's been with us since RE3!

iNcRiMiNaTi4007d ago

extreme battle from RE2:DS was like the early version of mercenaries

mpmaley4007d ago

Clearly the writer hasn't played RE3 or 4 ;)

I loved mercs and can't wait to play this one as well :)

Hooby4007d ago

It surprises me how many people haven't played RE4.

Not just to see mercs, but anyone who has gotten any meaningful length into 4 probably wouldn't complain about the controls of 5.

rockleex4007d ago

I never played more than 20 minutes of RE4 because I hated the controls, even back in the PS2 era.

By then, I'd already played tons of Halo, Timesplitters, Red Faction, etc on consoles.

Oh yea, and KillSwitch came out like 3 years before RE4. -_-"

Damn Namco! They need to make a nextgen KillSwitch! >_<

THC CELL4007d ago

btw ps3 has exclusive mini game in home
1 called treasure hunt and a strange room that cant be entered till u buy the gameand if forget a behind the scene are

Ps3 version for me then

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