GamesON: Death Tank Review


"Sadly, that's all you get for your 1200 Microsoft Points. Most players will only run through a round of twenty stages once or twice, and it's difficult to find multiplayer opponents. The game's achievements are fairly well balanced, but some appear to be ridiculously time consuming (like getting 5000 on the leaderboards). When you compare Death Tank to other games that fit into the same price point, such as Braid, Super Street Fighter II HD Remix and Castle Crashers, it seems like a blatant rip-off. Those games all had a lot of soul and workmanship put into them, but Death Tank seems a bit soulless in comparison. If Microsoft is going to encourage developers to make 1200 Microsoft Points the new de-facto standard price for Arcade games, perhaps they should consider giving players a little more bang for their buck."

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